6 Women Who Are Self-Made Billionaires

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Through the years, women have proved that they can be as powerful and independent as men. It’s true that there aren’t many female billionaires, but there are a few of them who are pretty lucky, either because they inherited all the money or because they developed their own business that had tremendous success. But did you know that there is one woman whose fortune is big enough to “compete “against Mark Zuckerberg? Take your guess to see who the lucky one is!

We’ve made a list of the wealthiest women in the world, so make sure you click on the next page to see who they are!

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1 thought on “6 Women Who Are Self-Made Billionaires”

  1. Very attractive. Put together with perfect features. Not many women are that lucky. Sorry she lost her husband so early in their marriage; although, it may be the catalist for her success.
    All the best,


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