5 Haunting Photos of ‘Ghosts’ That Will Give You Insomnia

haunting photos
Photo by Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

‘Til death will tear us apart…and beyond

In the past, William Hope founded the “Crewe Circle,” a spiritualist organization in England. He was a medium whose abilities led him to become fascinated by spirit photography. These individuals truly had the belief that there is life beyond death and that those who were connected in this life will probably cross paths again in the next. They also believed that by taking up this hobby, they might convince others that spirits exist. The ghost photos taken by the Crewe Circle members have been thoroughly examined throughout the years, and many have deemed them to be faked, but none of them have, as of yet, been shown to be frauds.

The pictures might be unplanned manifestations of ghosts that were recorded on the camera. For example, this picture illustrates Mrs. Hortense Leverson, and in the back is the ghost of her husband, who unfortunately passed away. William Hope said that this picture was shared exactly as it came out of the camera. By that time, they couldn’t Photoshop their pictures…so I guess we have no other option but to believe the guy!

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3 thoughts on “5 Haunting Photos of ‘Ghosts’ That Will Give You Insomnia”

  1. At age 9, I was in a coma for weeks due to some drama, and began hearing voices comforting me. When I woke up I began seeing ghosts standing by my bed at night. I think because it was no one I knew that had died, they th used me to come thru because I had been between life and death. That’s why, I reasoned, they never tried to touch or speak to me, and they just looked confused, like they didn’t know where they were and had probably just died. I’ve seen women, children, men (and even some evil looking ones that scared the heck out of me). I’m in my 70’s now and have long accepted that they use me as a bridge, and mean me no hard!

  2. I believe in ghosts. Nothing spooky about them. They’re still between and need the transition necessary to their forever sleep Some who die have not completed their life cycle for whatever purpose and so their rest is not final until someone knows how to help them to their final sleep.


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