7 Celebrities Who Have Died from Coronavirus

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We all hoped that the coronavirus pandemic would end with the arrival of the new year, but unfortunately things have not changed much lately. The overall situation remained almost unchanged, and the coronavirus cases have not decreased much. Not to mention that restrictions, prevention measures and social distancing rules have remained the same in almost every country in the world.

There are people among us who have been affected by this virus, whether it is their own person or their family members. Unfortunately, some of them probably lost relatives or loved ones these days.

Making a tough year even tougher: the loss of a beloved public figure can hurt us as badly as the death of a dear friend. Many celebrities revealed that they tested positive for COVID-19 in early 2020, and sadly, some of them weren’t lucky enough to recover from the disease. We’ve lost talented musicians, actors, comedians and other famous people who made us proud of our country.

In most cases, people who died of coronavirus had other comorbidities which also contributed to severe complications. As you already know, certain chronic diseases, such as diabetes and cancer can endanger people’s lives when they contract this virus.

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19 thoughts on “7 Celebrities Who Have Died from Coronavirus”

  1. 30

    The pandemic is ruthless, I lost my husband 12/22/2020 to Covid 19. We were married 53yrs. It is such a tragedy we have lost so many lives to this pandemic, all because Trump dropped the ball.

    1. 19

      You’re a dim witt sweetheart. It’s no ones fault but China. Biden will be your savior with his wonderful intellect. Good luck bc you’re on your own with this moron.

    2. 19

      I’m very sorry for your loss, but don’t blame it on Trump. He acted very quickly to curb the spread of the virus and develop a vaccine and took a lot of heat for it. Many thousands more would have died from it without Trump’s quick actions. The best Biden has been able to do concerning the virus is copy what Trump had already been doing for months. If you want to blame somebody put the blame where it belongs- the Chinese government who irresponsibly and knowingly spread the virus all over the world

      1. 8

        He acted very quickly to DENY that it even existed. How quickly did he act to stop the spread???? By holding massive political rally’s that turned into super spreader events??? By refusing to wear a mask???
        By SUPPOSEDLY contracting the virus himself??? We already have over 500,000 deaths JUST in the US , how many would be alive today if he had taken it seriously from the beginning??? Get your head out of your a** and go watch some more Fox News

      2. 7

        Trump did everything he could? Really. He didn’t follow the NIH or CDC info on how to be as safe as possible in Public. He himself did not recommend safety to anyone who thought his words were gosple.
        He opened up the country disregarding the number of people who were increasingly dying. He was not a role model and said after he tested positive for the virus for everyone “not to be afraid of the Virus”, how foolish and uncaring can he be? Did he expect that everyone would be able to have a team of Doctors like he had to make him well? I do believe they gave him something to help his memory too. He has been able to use full sentences and appropriate vocabulary since his hospitalization. Which is interesting.

    3. 8

      I am in France . I lost my spouse and my sister lost her spouse in France this too because of Donald Trump. Same with my cousin in India. All these countries were doing what Trump said .

    4. 19

      I think President Trump did everything humanly possible to fight this uniquely monstrous illness. Only Trump could have commandeered forces to develop vaccines in less than a year. You and others should be grateful for his courageous and outstanding efforts to save lives.

    1. 6

      It’s the RESPONSE of the leader (sic) of the free world that people are concerned with. Since he does not
      listen to the Scientist, Doctors and others who know more than he. He lied to everyone and admitted this
      on tape…and he knew he was being recorded too. What arrogance.

  2. 10

    It sounds like your husband dropped the ball. If he had taken the ChiCom virus seriously and self isolated, he would be alive today and you wouldn’t have Mr. Trump to scapegoat

  3. 15

    Condolences on the loss of your husband.
    Also condolences for your false assumption that his & others’ passing are due to Trump ‘dropping the ball’. What a juvenile assumption to make.

  4. 8

    it is amazing to me the ignorance of some people. Not only did he call it a hoax and said it would go away very soon but he invited a bunch of insurrectionists to the Capitol and waged war on our democracy. All for another one of his lies. ( That the election was stolen)
    grew up knowing this guy in NY , he has always been a criminal and a con man. What a bunch of naive people who fell for his bull shit.

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