Does Brexit Affect The US?

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After one of the most divisive referendums in the UK’s history, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative government has finally ‘got Brexit done’ on the 31st of January 2020. This date marks the United Kingdoms’ exit from the European Union but it’s not over just yet.

The departure from the EU will certainly have a global impact, both economically and geopolitically. They are still in the process of settling a few remaining issues, the main one being negotiating a trade deal.

Amid all of this, the United States has regularly been touted as a key ally of a post-Brexit U.K. However, the fractured relationship the UK now has with the EU, Croatia’s EU ambassador recently said “Thank you, goodbye, and good riddance.” (in apparent jest), is inevitably going to cause many problems when it comes to sitting down at the negotiating table.

With all the turmoil between the UK and the EU likely to roll on for at least the duration of 2020, what effect might this have on the US? Let’s have a look.

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