10 Surprising Things Americans Are Searching on Google


In the era of Google, it might not come as a surprise that the search bar keeps people in the know about their most intimate problems, burning questions and deepest thoughts. We can ask anything we want, anytime we want and get hundreds of answers in the blink of an eye, without anyone judging or criticizing us.

From questions like “Who sings this song?” or “How to tie a tie?” to “What is the purpose of life?”, our Google searches can tell a lot about the signs of our times. What’s hot in popular culture…what’s not, how much people’s interests and queries have changed over the years…you can find out all about it with the help of a little tool called Google Trends. That being said, here’s what Americans have been searching on Google in the last decade or so. Have you searched for any of these surprising things?



With all the attention-seeking celebrities, self-absorbed millennials and the increasing focus on “me” rather than “we” as a society, it’s no wonder that the term narcissistic was the number one search on Google. Recent generations are evidently more self-aware and maybe even more self-absorbed if we were to ask older generations, so, it makes sense for them to see if they really fit the profile of a narcissist or not.

The volume of Google searches for this word has increased significantly in the past 12 years, often combined with other terms such as “millennial”, “selfie” and “relationship”. Interesting, isn’t it? Speaking of narcissism and relationships, check out these 10 Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist.

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