15 Things You Should ALWAYS Have in Your Car

Photo by Gorodenkoff from shutterstock.com

When people want to buy a car, what interests them is horsepower, color, engine, and so many other things. Having a car is like having a portable suitcase. It does not just take you to different places, but you can actually use your trunk in different ways. For example, you can put some emergency clothes in there, some spare shoes, makeup products, perfume, and the list can go on, depending on the car owner.

However, there are some things that you should always have in your car, wherever you are planning to go. That’s because you can never know when you’ll need something, so you can always be prepared. Here are some things you MUST keep in your car:

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    There is something I was told several years ago. When I tried to tell others about it, they just laughed at me. One other item you should carry a pair of pantyhose. If you have a belt break, the pantyhose will stretch enough to replace the broken fan belt or any other belt.


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