10 Places in the US Where You Don’t Want To Move

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Living the American dream? For sure most of you are, but America has some flaws as well. Despite the fact that almost everyone wants to move to the States and start a new life here with friendly neighbors around, smiling faces and everything nice, there are some cities which aren’t that friendly.

You either want to move or you dream of visiting a new country. Whatever the case may be, you should be aware of your surroundings. Of course, there are some cities where foreigners are not really welcome and for that we did a bit of research to get to the bottom of the story.

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6 thoughts on “10 Places in the US Where You Don’t Want To Move”

  1. I live in CA and I’m not much of a fan but your comment “if you’re afraid of heights CA might not be the place for you” leaves me wondering what the heck you’re talking about. The Central Valley, where Stockton is located probably doesn’t have a point higher than 15′ above sea level.

  2. Minneapolis used to be a great place to live, but now since it has been under Democrat rule, it is one of the very worst! what a shame!

  3. Savannah, Ga…Almost every night, there is a murder on the streets of Savannah. Drugs and gangs are completely out of control.
    Some of the better neighborhoods, you may be shot, even walking your dog!

  4. Marcia Snavely Polyak

    Cleveland is a fabulous place to live. (And retire).. It has one of the best medical systems in the world (Cleveland Clinic). It has Playhouse Square with many theaters (Broadway Series) . It has the Cleveland Orchestra (best in the world). It has major sports teams. Everything is very affordable and accessible. My husband and I (Senior Citizens) go out almost every night to a different venue.

  5. Michael Hartnett

    Reno’s economy received a great boost with Tesla’s Mega Factory’s opening. The Biggest Little City already had spent money on the River Walk and Virginia Lake areas and now we have a new mid-town upgrade. We also have one of the best Triple A baseball parks in The Pacific Coast League. I retired here 10 years ago and have found Reno friendly, affordable with great restaurants, a beautiful outdoors within walking distance and with Lake Tahoe a 45 drive away…. this is a super place to live !!!


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