8 Jobs That Were Held By Women a Century Ago

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In conformity with the government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of December 2020, women held over 50% of the jobs in the United States of America. The percent was calculated without counting women who are self-employed or who are working at farms. The question is: do we know what women were working as of 100 years ago?

Back in the ’20s, over 8 million women were working, usually as waitresses, teachers, clerks, or telephone operators. They were advised to not work outside the home if their husbands were employed. Moreover, people used to say that men remain without a workplace, due to women taking their jobs. They were expected to quit being independent, which means having paying jobs if they got married.

Women were allowed to vote from 1920, due to the Sufragists’ movement. After that, in 1938, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Fair Labor Standards Act, which created a minimum wage, a regulated work week, a mandate to pay overtime, and child labor prohibitions.

However, the situation wasn’t all good for women. They were receiving only 81 cents for every dollar that men were earning. In the 2000s, the explosive #MeToo movement brought to light how several women have faced sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace.

We have to know that women were not always seen as beautiful, emphatic, and smart creates. They were held back from important and well-paid jobs, but it’s not the case anymore. Here we have a list of 8 jobs that women had a century ago. Let’s take a look!

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