6 Ways Volunteering Can Be Good For Your Health

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Lately, I’ve seen that everybody’s talking about health, especially since the pandemic entered our lives. Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social or environmental, health is a subject that shouldn’t be ignored. 

Being healthy doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours in the gym every day, or that you should only eat “clean” foods, spend time with friends or family and always be positive. 

Health does not have a recipe that can fit everyone in, but there are ways that you can improve it. 

You know how good it feels to do something nice for somebody without expecting anything in return? Well, today I want to talk to you about this and also, tell you that the person’s not the only one that’s going to benefit from this, but also you.

So, how can your health benefit from volunteering? 

Just keep on reading. 

Firstly, let’s talk about what volunteering actually is. 

Volunteering is an unpaid activity where people give their time to help a non-profit organization or even persons they are not related to. 

People can start volunteering because of many reasons, such as helping the community they are in, meeting other people, doing something with their free time, seeing a different way of living, visiting some new place and the list can go on. 

You can find joy in helping somebody and in contributing to a cause that is bigger than you are.


1. You can meet new people and maybe start some new friendships 


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Who doesn’t want to have friends they can talk to, people who they can share their experiences with? 

Having a connection with somebody supports your emotional, social and mental health. You’ll feel more fulfilled, happy and also energetic. Plus, did I tell you about the fact that you’re going to have a common activity with your new friend? You’re doing something good, while you also have some fun. Maybe you already knew that, but sometimes, the most durable friendships are the ones that start by doing something together. 

All I am seeing is bonding and a win-win situation. 

Go new friendship!


2. Volunteering can make you reconsider your own goals, likes and interests

Doing something that is not only good for you, but also for others, can make you start analyzing your life. You can start introspecting and maybe come up with some ideas that are going to be great. You surely know that it’s already a cliché, but I really think that almost everyone is trying to be the best version of themselves.

You can really discover that by doing things for others as well. You’ll learn more about yourself when you don’t focus on that too much. There is something refreshing and warming about choosing the right path or changing the direction your life is going in. 


3. Finding new interests and hobbies

You know what they say: you continue to learn new things as long as you’re living on this planet. Doing something you’re new at can make you feel productive, proactive and also happy. 

Volunteering shouldn’t feel like you are compelled to get some chores done, but like an activity that you are willing to do. You may find yourself that you like to talk to people, find about their needs and come up with ideas on how you can make other’s lives easier and happier.

You can find yourself liking what you’re doing when volunteering and implement that in day to day life. 


4. You can also get a workout in

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Let’s say you’re volunteering for an organization that helps build houses for homeless people. Well, besides the fact that you are really a part of such a big cause, you are also using your physical force when doing this activity. Just like I said in the beginning: volunteering can really help your health. 

Also, even though you may not be very active physically, it doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from it. You will still consume energy and you will keep up with your day to day activities. In addition to that, you will develop your social and organizational skills.

5. It will help you get a job 

Let’s say you want to change the domain that you are currently working in. Maybe you don’t have any work experience, but you know you’ll be really good at it.

Even though you don’t know that much about that area, you can still try and go for the job, because your volunteering activities will help you. Your employer will see that you are a dedicated, organized person and will have your application in mind.

Also, did you know that according to www.americorps.gov, people who are volunteers are 27% more likely to find a job after being out of work, than non-volunteers?

6. It will help reduce the risk of getting ill

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, older people who are volunteering have a lower risk when it comes to mortality rates. Volunteers are shown to combat some of the symptoms of chronic pain or heart disease.

Long story short, volunteering you’ll help you get glowing from the inside out! Doing and being good helps you feel good!

You can decide and go volunteer at a children’s home or pet shelter, help build houses for homeless people or just help somebody out, be sure that not only you’ll feel better and you’ll have more confidence, but also your health will improve.

You know what they say: Keep calm and go volunteer!

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