4 Reasons Why The Titanic Sank (It Was NOT The Iceberg)

why the titanic sank
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2. Lifeboat shortage

Maybe this is the main reason for the high death toll, and nobody talks about it. On a ship as big as the Titanic, you should have more than 20 lifeboats! Yes, people perished in this disaster because they didn’t even have the chance to save themselves.

In the original design, the ship was supposed to have 64 lifeboats. This was the ideal number. This number was cut in half. Still a decent number. And later, the owners of the ship cut it in half again because they decided that the “large” number of boats would clutter the deck and block the views of the First Class travelers.

Not a wise choice at all. The 20 boats they had could only transport 1,718 passengers, while the ship had almost twice as many. In reality, only 700 people managed to survive the disaster.

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