Stop Doing THIS to Avoid the New COVID Strain, Health Experts Urge


The new U.K. strain, also called B.1.1.7 variant, has already been identified in about states across the U.S., making the already difficult task of preventing the spread of the coronavirus all the more complicated. Researchers have confirmed that the new COVID strain is much more contagious than the current dominant strain in the United States and some recommended that certain activities are halted until more information is collected.

What activities are they talking about? Find out below. And for more information on the new strain, check out which  2 States Have the Worst Outbreaks of the New U.K Strain.


Indoor gatherings are riskier now, even errands

We might have gotten used to the coronavirus and tried to go on with or lives and as safely and as best as possible, but, with the emergence of a new, more contagious strain, some basic activities might become too risky to carry out. “The best protection still remains avoiding contact with other people indoors, especially for a sustained period of time,” says Stephen Goldstein, an evolutionary virologist at the University of Utah.

But experts are not only talking about limiting small get-togethers with friends or colleagues or family gatherings but also the time you spend doing common activities like shopping for groceries or running errands. “Shopping for five minutes in the grocery store is a lot better—six times better—than shopping for 30 minutes,” says Tom Frieden, MD, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He suggests curbside delivery.

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