4 Things Dr. Fauci Avoids Even After Getting Vaccinated – You Should Too!


There are currently two types of COVID-19 vaccines being administered to Americans, the Pfizer vaccine and the Moderna vaccine. They both have high efficacy and provide a high degree of protection to people who get fully vaccinated (according to the CDC, a person is considered “fully vaccinated” if it has been two weeks or more since their second dose).

This prompted many fully vaccinated people to ask what post-vaccine activities they are allowed to do without any restrictions and when they might be able to return to their pre-pandemic lifestyle. Can you throw away your mask when in public? Go out with friends?

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11 thoughts on “4 Things Dr. Fauci Avoids Even After Getting Vaccinated – You Should Too!”

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    so are the ones who decide NOT to get the vaccine going to be penalized because we dont want to? For me it is because there was enough testing for me to be completely sure. If there had been a longer time MAYBE. but to rush this you they are not even sure how well this will protect,. COME ON. Remember its a CHOICE.

  2. 6

    Dr. Fauci has no credibility with me. I will do pretty much what I want to do, using my own common sense as a guideline.

  3. 11

    This pandemic has killed over 500,000 people in the US and this is with precautions in place. The worst Flu seasons will kill about 60,000 and that is without precautions. If you think the vaccines are an infringement on your freedom then why do you wear clothes? Isn’t that an infringement of your freedom? Unless you have an advanced medical degree stop acting like you actually know something. And, by the way, science does make mistakes, that’s part of how it advances. If you have to err, then err on the side of knowledge.

  4. 10

    Making a medical decision based on politics is just plain DUMB. This is a VIRUS.. it does not respect borders ,it does not speak English and it doesn’t go away on it’s own. It is a total crapshoot: 1.You may get it and not know it. 2. You may get sick and recover. 3. You may get sick and be hospitalized. 4. You may die. There is no way to know. You have to be incredibly stupid and incredibly selfish to NOT get the vaccine, and do the other things. Do the right thing for your self and your neighbors. REAL Knowledge is power. “Common sense” doesn’t apply here.

  5. 5

    Dr Fauci is RIGHT.You fools who dont wear masks and act like nothing is going on will be the reason the virus will be around for years.Grow up.Wear a mask out in public and in crowds.Its not difficult.Its the smart thing to do for you and the people around you you dont seem to give a crap about.Your so selfish! I I suppose you think Trump was a good president to.Wise up Fools


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