The Best Jobs to Take into Consideration in 2020

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Choose the right job for yourself

Choosing your career is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make in this life, so you shouldn’t let others choose for you. Make sure you’re not one of those people who choose a career to please their parents because you’ll end up working your whole life on something you don’t like. However, you should take into consideration their advice, just not let them make the decisions for you.

There are so many options now on the market, that it makes it hard deciding what to pick. Luckily, U.S. News comes to your rescue. They did some research and collected data from BLS (federal Bureau of Labor Statistics) and based on that, they discovered what jobs will rule the market in 2020. The Best jobs of 2020 list was made based on factors like median salary, the possibility to grow and the ability to maintain a good work-life balance as well.

Here are the best jobs you should consider for 2020:

genetic counselor
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Genetic Counselor

Industry: Health care support

Median Salary: $80,370

Unemployment Rate: 2.1%

A genetic counselor is a person you go to when you’re concerned about inheriting a certain genetic disease. These professionals analyze your family’s history and based on that suggest what genetic tests might be appropriate in your case. After you make those tests, they evaluate the results.
800 new jobs are expected by 2028, increasing the employment rate by 27%

dental hygienist

Dental Hygienist

Industry: Health care support

Median Salary: $74,820

Unemployment Rate: 0.6%

A dental hygienist is a professional that uses special tools to scrape away the tartar and plaque from your teeth. Take good care of your teeth and brush them 3 times a day, if you want to avoid a visit to the dental hygienist.

They also teach their patients how to brush and floss their teeth correctly. In some states, some dental hygienists must be supervised by dentists.
By 2028, there are expected 23,700 jobs in this field, increasing the employment rate by 11%.

web developer
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Web Developer

Industry: Technology

Median Salary: $69,430

Unemployment Rate: 1.3%

If you ever need an attractive, easy to use website, a web developer is someone who can do it for you, by using only codes. I know, that seems like a totally foreign language to most people.

They will also make sure that the website works well and serves all your needs and your user’s needs as well. They often work with a graphic designer to improve the appearance of the website.

The employment rate is expected to grow by 13% until 2028, adding 20,900 jobs.

nurse anesthetist
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Nurse Anesthetist

Industry: Health care

Median Salary: $167,950

Unemployment Rate: n/a

A nurse anesthetist is someone who administrates drugs that manage pain during surgery or other medical procedures.  The difference between a nurse anesthetist and an anesthesiologist is the fact that the last one has to attend medical school, while nurse anesthetists are nurses with advanced training.

For a nurse to become anesthetist, it must have at least one year of critical experience before entering a nurse anesthetist program.

By 2028 are expected 7,600 jobs in this field, increasing the employment rate by 17%.

operations research analyst
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Operations Research Analyst

Industry: Business

Median Salary: $83,390

Unemployment Rate: 2.1%

What an operations research analyst does is helping companies learn how to use their money and resources more efficiently. They use predictive modeling and statistics, taking into consideration the pros and cons of different possible production schedules, finding a way to manage a company’s value chain.

These types of analysts are very wanted these days in the finance and insurance industry, not only in the private section but for the Department of Defense as well.

By 2028, it is expected employment increasing by 26%, plus 28,100 jobs.

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Industry: Health care

Median Salary: $208,000 or more

Unemployment Rate: 0.4%

This is probably one of the most high-stress jobs out there. Surgeons spend hours a day operating on patients, treat injuries, diseases, and deformities. Being a surgeon means having a crazy schedule, working irregular hours and being constantly on call. A surgeon is a lifesaver.

To become a surgeon you must attend medical school and then complete a residency that lasts around 5 years.

There are expected 500 new jobs in this field and an increase by 1% by 2028.

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Industry: Health care

Median Salary: $208,000 or more

Unemployment Rate: 0.4%

Try to imagine just for a second how painful it was 200 years ago when anesthesia didn’t even exist. Nowadays, we have the so-called anesthesiologists who are specialized in administering drugs to take away the pain during a procedure.

Besides pain-relieving, they also track a patient’s vital signs during an intervention, checking their heart rate, blood pressure, and their brain and spinal cord function.

According to the American Society of Anesthesiologists President Dr. Mary Dale Peterson, ”Anesthesiologists do this, in part, to help determine whether they need to adjust a patient’s anesthetic”.

By 2028, it is expected an employment increase and 1,500 jobs.

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Industry: Health care

Median Salary: $111,790

Unemployment Rate: 0.1%

You go to an optometrist to make sure your eyes are working fine. An optometrist is an eye doctor who can prescribe glasses and contact lenses to correct farsightedness, astigmatism, and nearsightedness. They also check eyes for glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other conditions.

To become an optometrist you’ll need an optometry degree which takes four years and a state license. After that, there are some clinical training and residency programs that enable them to specialize in ocular disease, vision therapy, pediatrics, and low vision.

Employment is expected to increase by 10% and there will be 4,000 new jobs.

physical therapist
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Physical Therapist

Industry: Health care

Median Salary: $87,930

Unemployment Rate: 1.1%

A physical therapist will put you on your feet again after an injury or an accident. Physical therapists create treatment plans for their patients through stretching, exercises and other techniques that help with pain-relieving and movement improving.

To become a physical therapist you must earn a physical therapy degree and have a license. They can specialize in geriatrics or orthopedics.

Employment is expected to grow 22% by 2028, adding 54,200 jobs in this field.

IT manager
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IT Manager

Industry: Technology

Median Salary: $142,530

Unemployment Rate: 2%

An IT manager oversees the information technology and supervises the maintenance and computer organization, making sure that the network’s cyber defenses are working. They develop a long-term plan that will work with an organization’s technology needs.

Chief information officers, chief technology officers, IT directors, and IT security managers are part of the same field.

By 2028 there is expected an employment increase by 11%, plus 46,800 jobs.

medical services manager
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Medical and Health Services Manager

Industry: Business

Median Salary: $99,730

Unemployment Rate: 0.9%

Medical and health services managers take care of the proper functioning of complex organizations, like hospitals, nursing homes, and group practices. They are also known as health care administrators or health care executives and can have titles like health information managers, clinical managers, and nursing home administrators.

A medical and health services person is responsible for keeping up to date with health care regulations, hiring stuff, expending budgets and finding new ways to operate more efficiently.

By 2028, there is expected an employment increase by 18%, adding 71,600 jobs.

speech language pathologist
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Speech-Language Pathologist

Industry: Health care

Median Salary: $77,510

Unemployment Rate: 0.8%

A speech-language pathologist will help you if you have difficulty speaking or swallowing. They first evaluate a patient’s articulation and language, then prescribes a course of treatment that suits their problem.

They can also be called speech therapists and need a graduate degree.

The BTS expects substantial growth in this profession by 2028, adding 41,900 jobs and an employment increase by 27%.

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Industry: Business

Median Salary: $87,780

Unemployment Rate: 2.8%

A statistician works with numbers, using surveys and studies, they gather data and gain insights on different issues. A statistician can be found in a wide range of industries. For example, pharmaceutical companies may need a statistician to see how well a drug works.

There are expected 13,600 jobs by 2028 and an increase of 31% in this profession.

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Nurse Practitioner

Industry: Health care

Median Salary: $107,030

Unemployment Rate: 1.2%

A nurse practitioner can diagnose conditions, perform examinations, prescribe drugs and advise patients on how to make healthy choices. To become a nurse practitioner you do not need to complete medical school you only need a nurse degree, some additional training, and at least one master’s degree.

“There are numerous specialties in which to work as a nurse practitioner, and mine happens to be psychiatry,” says Laura Petiford, a psychiatric-mental-health nurse practitioner and licensed marriage and family therapist who practices in Connecticut.

“As an NP, I am able to provide therapeutic interventions as well as pharmacological ones to alleviate mental illness.”
There is expected an employment increase of 28% by 2028, plus 53,300 jobs.

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