7 Types Of Toxic People Who Poison Your Life


Toxic people are everywhere. Sometimes it’s difficult to recognize or acknowledge them, especially when we discover them among people we’ve known for years. Whether we’re talking about a longtime friend or a coworker, toxic people usually have the tendency to drag us down with them to their miserable universe, turning ours into something just as gloomy.

They either talk about them all the time, don’t respect you enough to stick to the plans you’ve made together or simply don’t care what happens in your life to make a simple phone call. They make you feel unappreciated, frustrated and can even affect your health with their negative behavior. If you also feel like there’s someone in your life who is robbing you of your energy, productivity and happiness, here are 7 types of toxic people you need to get rid of right now.

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2 thoughts on “7 Types Of Toxic People Who Poison Your Life”

  1. Everything I’ve read is what my mother has always done to me. I learned to survive and was successful since she kicked me out at age 14. She refused to see my home when I bought it. She refused to be in my sons life. She disappeared out of my life for years at a time, avoiding my calls. But behind my back she does the “poor me” telling anyone how I won’t call and I’m so ungrateful for all she’s done for me.
    I’ve bought her expensive gifts on my single mom budget, I’ve spent my live concerned how to make her happy….she’s stolen several thousand and my Rolex because I don’t deserve them.
    Im only adding this to bring awareness that as children we can’t walk away from toxic mothers but it will always be traumatizing.

  2. There are also those people you have in your life that always let you supply the gear for camping, want you to offer to use your things(mixer, deep fryer etc) whenever they might need it but don’t want to purchase their own and then they seem to find a reason to get angry at you before returning your borrowed possession and seem to not want to have an opportunity to return your things!


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