6 Things Putin Has Actually Done

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1. He shot whales with crossbows, but only for science 

In 2010, Putin was hanging out with a group of marine biologists and he chose a gray whale to cripple in order to gather some skin samples. The main objective was to study their species and it looked like Putin was a great help in this.

The president was happy with his result and he told the reporters that he managed to hit the whale when he tried the fourth time.

…Did you know about this? 

2. He tried to crush a frying pan…

…With bare hands!

In 2012, Putin visited a pro-Kremlin youth camp, where he made sure to prove his masculinity and strength. He competed in an arm-wrestling match with someone who was more muscular than he is, he wanted to scale an alpinist climbing wall without having safety equipment on, and the cherry on top, he tried to crush a frying pan with nothing else but his bare hands.

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