5 Useful Tips to Feel More Satisfied with Your Life


Just because you seem to have a successful business or a high-paid job, doesn’t mean you also have a satisfied and meaningful life. Success in one area does not guarantee satisfaction and happiness in life. With that on your mind, here’s how to turn things around and boost your life’s satisfaction.


Write down what you love

If you feel like your life needs a kickstart, start by writing down everything you love about it. From the very first school project that brought you an A to your career or personal relationship. Make it your reference list whenever you feel that something’s off with your self-esteem.

“When you tie your self-worth up in your career, you guarantee that you’ll be hard-hit by work’s inevitable downturn. Making nonnegotiable time for outside interests guarantees one thing: No work glitch feels catastrophic,” says clinical psychologist Toby Haslam-­Hopwood, Psy.D.


Take accountability

Generally, when people are unhappy with their lives, they feel like the whole world is against them. They see themselves as victims and blame everyone and anyone other than themselves for the unhappiness that they feel.

“Unhappy people see themselves as victims,” says Greg Hicks, co-author of How We Choose to Be Happy. That’s not you. When things seem to take a turn for the worse, asking yourself “What can I learn from this?” and “What’s the opportunity?” can help you break out of the victim mentality and realize that what happens to you is more often than not the result of your actions.

Besides victimization, here are other Unexpected Ways You’re Self-Sabotaging Your Happiness.

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