Follow Dr. Fauci’s Tips on How To Avoid Coronavirus


Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), was one of the most respected voices of reason during the coronavirus outbreak. In a recent poll conducted by The New York Times, at least two-thirds of Americans have expressed confidence in his leadership during the COVID crisis. In fact, just recently, Fauci indicated that as a country, it’s time for us to hit the “reset button” on this pandemic and try our best to flatten the curve.

In that context, we’ve agreed to revisit some of Fauci’s best pieces of advice, all shared in recent interviews and press conferences, on how individuals can prevent coronavirus and help reduce the number of cases in our country. Read on and find out which are Fauci’s best tips for staying safe, and slowing the coronavirus spread.


1. Avoid bars

Through his words, Fauci made it clear that people should stop entering bars. Not only do the bars appear to be highly crowded, they ‘re also often poorly ventilated — the perfect environment for enabling superspreader incidents.

“We need to really take seriously the issue of wearing masks all the time and not congregating in bars,” Fauci explained in a recent interview with InStyle. “I think we can stop that by just closing [bars] because they are certainly an important mechanism of this spread.” In other words, just because the bars in your area are open, that doesn’t automatically mean they ‘re safe.

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19 thoughts on “Follow Dr. Fauci’s Tips on How To Avoid Coronavirus”

  1. 27

    Good to hear these good recommendations again and again. We should be reminded every few months. Our lives and experiences change . So a well written reminder that even with change applying these simple rules will help us to come through these very difficult times.

  2. 6

    You’re joking, right? Fauci? The same man who wrote a paper 15 yrs ago thrilled that chloroquine was so very effective against coronavirus? And then less than 1 yr ago said don’t use it, that it needed more testing, wait for the big expensive money-maker vaccine?

    1. It’s called, Science. As scientists continue to study and learn things change as well as recommendation. Science does not get everything correct on the first go around. Science does not take the simple minded approach

  3. 9

    We really appreciate these suggestions. I specially learned that we need to keep the shopping bags from outside
    left untouched for 24 hours before use.
    Thanks we appreciate these suggestions.
    Ron & Pat Bhada

  4. 5

    are you for real he is the most self serving devil who caused seriously death in the aids virus for financial gains , stopped doctors from prescribing hydroxychloroquin yet an article surface from years back with him saying its a wonder drug for all sars. corona viruses …hes in bed with gates and the whole crooked lot they have blood on their hands

  5. 9

    Stupid trumpers! Wash your hands and wear a mask. Dr. Fauci is right. trump got rid of him because he didn’t agree with are all stupid if you don’t follow this guys directions.

    1. Who is calling who stupid? Take a look in a mirror and say that again. People need to use common sense and logic. Don’t be a follower, be informed.

  6. All these “Talking Heads” are tied up with Power and Money Grabs to consider telling you the truth.
    If you want to hear the truth, listen to Dr. V. Be prepared for some strong language and the TRUTH.

  7. Maybe you do not want to wear a mask, but at least you can be respectful to others and wear a mask for comfort and safety protection. Since you deo not know and you obviously don’t you pro9bably help destroy the 400,000 thousand plus that are dead now. These scientists and doctors went to schools just for this type stuff, let’s give the a try.

  8. The thing with science and medicine is that it is constantly evolving the more we learn… thinking that advice from 15 years ago is still applicable is laughable. I’m sticking with Fauci.


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