6 Cheap Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home

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Burglar-proofing your home doesn’t have to be expensive. For those who do not have the money for a security system but want to feel safe in their home, there are plenty of other inexpensive options that you can take into consideration.

Only the thought of being a victim of a burglary can make even the most secure house owner feel unsafe. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in a safe neighborhood or not, there’s always the possibility of a burglary happening and a thief visiting your house.

With all that being said, it is better to feel safe than sorry. Luckily, there are so many methods out there that will help you keep your house safe without giving away a lot of money.

There are some methods will definitely keep burglars away and are really cheap to incorporate in your house. Here are 6 DIY home security ways to burglar-proof your home:

window hack
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Simple window hack

Most double-hung windows have latches that do not match with a burglar that carries a pry bar. So, the best solution regarding your windows is pin locks. The best part about pin locks is that they are very easy to install so every house owner can do it. All you have to do if you want to install one is to drill a hole.

If you want your windows to be locked in a partially opened position, drill another hole. If you don’t know where you can buy pin locks, they are easy to find at home centers and online shops. You can use them for sliding patio doors as well.

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Install motion detector lighting

You can install a motion detector lighting anywhere you want. Putting a motion detector is good for keeping away the thieves and you can find it in stores for a small price.

For example, the standard hard-wired version costs about $15. The downside to installing it is that it would be difficult if your house is running power supply. In this situation, it is best to choose a model that runs on solar power, but it is a little more on a pricey side.

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Secure sheds with screws

Your locked warehouse may seem secure to you, but a thief that knows what he’s doing can break the lock by using a screwdriver to remove all hinges, screws and other hardware that has screw heads at sight.

Try using Torx head, Allen head or hex-head cap screws instead of regular standard ones. There are also some tamper-proof security screws that you can order. Those special screws need special removal tools that a thief is unlikely to own.

Search “security screws” or “tamperproof screws” on the internet and choose something that works for you.

door hinge
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Two ways to secure shed door hinges

Sheds usually have doors that swing out, meaning that the hinge pins are easily accessible from outside. This makes it very easy for a thief to enter, all they have to do is remove the pins and open the door.

You can avoid this by buying a security hinge that has tamper-proof pins. If you want to do it yourself at home, you can work on an existing hinge by removing the screws from both center parts and inserting a finish screw to one side who will protrude about 1/4 in.

Perforate the receiving hole slightly and this way when the door is closed, the finish screw head engages the other hinge. By doing this, even if the hinge pin is removed, the door can’t be opened.

alarm system
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Add inexpensive door and window alarms

You may think that keeping the doors and windows locked is enough for being safe. It is just a first step but it won’t keep thieves away. Install wireless alarms, the noise will scare them away.  Of course, an alarm doesn’t provide enough security like a monitored system does, because the wireless device activates only when the doors and windows are being open, not when the glass is breaking. Use the alarms for the corners of the house that are often dark, where you don’t spend a lot of time.

Put your alarm on the door or window, or both. The alarm on the windows has a button that allows you to on/off switch, while the one on the door has a delay feature, that gives you the time to set it and leave, or open the door and deactivate it when you arrive home. The best part about these alarms is that the battery has a long life, it will last you three or more years.

wifi alarm system
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BIBENE WiFi Home Security Alarm System

This home security system has a magnetic sensor and passive infrared, a motion sensor that detects any forced entry and it activates the alarm that will definitely scare off any intruder. What’s best about this system is that you can control it from your phone or tablet. It is also helpful that the app is sending you a warning notification with the exact location where the alarm was activated.

The system contains a main panel, a wireless PIR motion detector, five door or window sensors, two remote controls, an AC adapter, a user manual, and all backup battery and other installation accessories.

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