8 Ordinary Objects You Should Avoid Touching During Coronavirus Outbreak

As the coronavirus continues to spread, the simple act of touching the most ordinary of objects and surfaces has become a delicate and risky matter. With the world being full of suspicious surfaces, what is there left to touch? Is it safe to touch an ATM screen? Money? A dumbbell at the gym?

Read on to find out what common objects you should avoid and what to do to lower the risks of catching the coronavirus.


It might sound surprising…or maybe not, but in 2019, the number of active mobile phones exceeded the number of human beings on this planet.

As dependent as we’ve become on our smartphones, considering we carry them everywhere, we should be just as wary of them. That’s because a smartphone can carry more germs and bacteria than a toilet seat, a real problem when a virus like COVID-19 is spreading at such a fast pace. The biggest problem in terms of spreading bacteria and viruses, however, according to Dr. Sankar Swaminathan, chief of the Infectious Diseases Division at the University of Utah School of Medicine, is when smartphones are handed from one person to another

For this very reason, it’s recommended to share photos online rather than giving the phone to someone else to take a look. It’s also a better option to use Bluetooth devices, or hands-free headsets, to answer calls so that you don’t keep your phone that close to your face.

To keep your smartphone clean, use water, soap and a damp microfiber cloth. UV light devices that destroy bacteria can also be used. Avoid cleaning your phone with alcohol or disinfectant because they can damage the phone screens’ protective coating.

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2 thoughts on “8 Ordinary Objects You Should Avoid Touching During Coronavirus Outbreak”

  1. Most of these, I already knew. I get very upset when I have to sign for a transaction with the special pen provided with the machine. The drug department at Price Chopper is the only place that offers hand sanitation lotion on the counter by that machine. Not so in the grocery department. I try to have my own bottle handy to use right away when submitting a check or using a credit card.
    I am working at the polls this next presidential election and for the first time, we will be using the electronic signatures. How we are to work with the pen is that each worker keeps their own pen. The one to be used by the voters is to sanitized after each use. That could be another option for the stores, banks, etc.


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