7 Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

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The world is constantly changing and evolving, that much we can all agree. In terms of jobs, the thriving tech industry, as well as the shifting consumer interests and priorities, have opened the door to a whole new host of interesting and profitable job opportunities.

From podcast hosts to ridership drivers, these jobs were created less than 10 years ago, took the world by storm and are now of great importance to society and economy. Let’s see what these are!

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Chief Listening Officer (CLO)

The term Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer but what does a Chief Listening Officer (CLO) do?

This position was initially created in 2010 as “a step up from the social media manager job,” as explained by the Digital Marketing Institute. The CLO’s role is to supervise the company’s communications outreach, from social media activities to personal contact and face-to-face interactions with clients and then report on the effectiveness of such endeavors.

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Given the number of U.S. states where marijuana is now legal, the market for buying and selling weed has significantly expanded and developed. As a matter of fact, you might be surprised to know that the marijuana industry has become so prolific that it is expected to make no more no less than $21 billion by 2021!

We can now find dispensaries and farms all over the place and employees with regular paychecks as manufacturers, distributors, as well as “budtenders,” who work in such places where recreational weed is sold.

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Podcast host

The term “podcast” was first introduced by a BBC journalist in 2004 as a clever play of the words “iPod” and “broadcast.” However, podcasts became part of our lexicon and popular in our society only a few years ago, with listenership doubling from 12 percent to 24 percent in only five years, from 2013 to 2018.

Since it was first introduced to the general public, making podcasts has become quite mainstream and has turned into a job in its own right. Many people decided to turn this into a career and become podcast hosts, making lots of money by reading ads during their program.

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Mobile app developer

Remember when all we used to do on our mobile phones was call and send text messages? How times have changed. A mobile phone with no apps nowadays is like a week with no weekend. No fun.

But even Apple took a year or two to launch its iOS App Store from the moment the iPhone was released in 2007. From that moment on, the popularity of mobile apps knew no limits and in 2013 Apple’s App Store reached its amazingly 50 billionth download.

Nowadays, there is no commercial or media business that does not resort to app developers to have their very own graphics and features in their apps. Considering there are a staggering 3 million apps these days, we can say for sure that being a mobile app developer is quite the thing!

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Uber driver

Uber launched its app into the ridership business in 2009, becoming the world’s most profitable start-up. In only 10 years, Uber managed to successfully boost its net worth to $62 billion.

Today, there’s not s single person in the world who hasn’t heard or used the Uber app, especially since there’s a reduced waiting time due to the fact that the company employs around 2 million drivers in the United States only.

Uber is not the only one taking the ridership industry by storm, with its competitor Lyft also employing around roughly 1.5 million drivers.

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Social media influencer

There’s not a single person nowadays who hasn’t heard of social media. It is a modern phenomenon that has surpassed its initial role of keeping tabs on friends and family.

10 years ago, no one knew or barely knew about platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter not to mention that many of them didn’t even exist. Fast forward to today and they’ve become the main source of income for so many people, from young children to teenagers and grown-ups, all under the name of influencers.

Influencers post trendy videos, images, and products to huge masses of followers and reap the benefits. The most talented or popular ones can earn up to thousands of dollars by promoting travel destinations, clothing, or beauty products on their social media accounts.

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Artificial intelligence engineer

It may have sounded like a term from a sci-fi movie, but artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a thing of fiction. In fact, with so many people wanting to improve their lives with the help of AI, it’s no wonder projects like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are constantly on the lookout for artificial intelligence engineers to help them increase their production. The role of an artificial intelligence engineer is to discover new AI technologies, perform a hybrid of data engineering, data science, and solve problems of existing technologies.

So, if you’ve always been fascinated with robots, machines and the like, you might want to apply for such a job! It’s one of the jobs of the future and helping humanity evolve will likely bring you huge rewards!

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