10 Surprising Things Americans Are Searching on Google


Cheating wife

Another surprising trend, maybe because women seem to have caught up with men in the cheating department, is the slowly but steadily rise in the number of searches for “cheating wife,” which exceeded the number of searches for “cheating husband”. From popular apps that cheaters use to clear signs they’re being cheated on by their wives, people have searched it all. To save you the trouble, here are 10 Subtle Signs That Your Spouse Is Cheating On You. You’re welcome!

In the Family & Relationships category, Americans have also been interested in learning a few “pick up lines”. The search for cheeky and cheesy ways to start a conversation has increased from year to year, hitting record highs every February, around Valentine’s Day.



Google Trends has also exposed an increasing interest in sensitive issues such as discrimination and inequality among Americans. Over the last six to seven years, people have been trying to find out more about how inequality is perpetuated and affects society, and how to deal with “bigotry,” “white privilege,” “xenophobia,” “ageist” and “misogyny”, among other things.

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