10 Money Mistakes That Might Ruin Your Relationship for Ever

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Failing to set a spending budget

According to a SunTrust Bank study, the main reason for financial altercations among couples is excessive spending. “Sharing is an important part of any relationship, but spending joint money on personal expenses could end up looking like you’re taking advantage of your partner,” warns Manly. “They may begin to feel used and even cheated. And eventually, that kind of resentment is going to cause a major disruption.”

That’s why it’s important to set a spending limit and “take a collaborative approach to negotiate an ideal money plan,” Manly advises. “The saver might be honored by having a long-term saving plan adopted, while the spender might feel honored knowing that every month a certain sum has been allotted to fun purchases.”


Overspending on the first date

Everybody wants to have a perfect first date. But it doesn’t mean you have to break into your savings to impress someone with expensive champagne, flowers and a lavish dinner.  This will only give them false expectations about who you are and even make your date uncomfortable and feel like they owe you something.

According to date coaches, the average person should not spend more than $50 on a first date. “Dating is a long haul. Don’t expect it to go on five dates and then you’re going to be done kissing frogs,” says dating coach Bela Gandhi. “First dates should be short and sweet — no more than two hours long max,” she says. “Don’t make it epic — a drink and an appetizer is fine. Go for a walk, grab a cup of coffee. Get creative without breaking the bank.”

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