11 Companies That Offer Employees Unusual Perks


When it comes to office perks, most people are offered pretty standard ones, such as health coverage, paid time off, sick leave etc. Other companies, on the other hand, have a more non-traditional approach and offer their employees all sorts of innovative and even unusual benefits to show appreciation for their employees’ hard work.

If you’re curious to know what people working for Nike, Google or Goldman Sachs, to name a few, get for working for these companies, check out this list of 11 unusual perks. Some are quite innovative, but we’ll let you see for yourself!

Nike: Week-Long Break for Mental Health

In light of recent events, namely the global pandemic, more and more companies have started offering their employees paid breaks to rest and focus on their mental health. Nike realized this is a very important factor with a huge impact on the work culture.

Google: Free Meals and More

Google employees can enjoy meals, snacks, coffee, and more at all times of the day, free of charge at the several dining halls and campuses the company has in Mountain View, California. Pet owners can also get free shuttle service, yoga classes, massages, and more for their furry friends.

Scripps Health: Pet Insurance

The nonprofit health system located in San Diego offers its employees medical coverage for their furry friends in case of accidents, illnesses, and routine care through any licensed veterinarian.

Hootsuite: Nap Room

Employees of this social media management company are allowed and actually encouraged to take a nap and recover in the company’s log cabin. The place has cots, blankets, and pillows, to make the nap as comfortable as possible.

Chesapeake Energy: Free SCUBA Certification

If you’re a fan of Scuba and work for this company, one of the country’s largest natural gas producers, you can get SCUBA-certified for free as well as enjoy physical therapy, personal training, nutritional counseling, group classes and more.

Akraya: Home Cleaning

This IT consulting and staffing company provides twice a month professional cleaning services to employees with no time left for household chores.

Genentech: Car Washes and Haircuts

Among the long list of perks offered by this biotechnology corporation, Genetech also offers on-campus services such as car wash facilities, bike repair, and haircut services.

Axios and Workfront: Mental Health Days

Like Nike, U.S. news site Axios and software company Workfront have realized how important it is for their employees to stay sane and in good mental health, hence the “recharge days” offered to them once a month.

Drift: One-Month Sabbaticals

If you’ve worked for three years for this sales and marketing company, you are allowed to take a one-month long break “to relax and reset a little bit after all your hard work”, as company officials put it.

Propellernet: Dream Balls

“Dream balls” refer to wishes made by company employees and put inside the company’s large, vintage bubble gum dispenser. Every time a target or company objective is achieved, a lucky employee gets their wish fulfilled.

Goldman Sachs: Gender Reassignment Surgery Coverage

In support of the LGBTQ+ community, the company included gender-reassignment procedures in the medical plans offered to their employees.

Maybe it’s time to brush up your CV and make a job switch!

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