Cut These 11 Unnecessary Expenses and Save Money During the Coronavirus Crisis

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Your Gym Membership

An average gym membership is around $58 per month, but 67 percent of people owning gym memberships never use them. If you’re one of them, and even if you’re not, giving up your gym membership can help you boost your savings. This is especially valid now when most gyms are closed. Even if yours is still open, it’s not recommended to go there anyway. You can replace your gym workout with free of charge online programs and stay in shape.

“Even if you plan to hold onto your membership for the longer term, put a vacation hold on your membership if you haven’t already done so,” Conway said.

“You may find that you don’t miss the gym,” Tayne added. “This is something you can reassess once gyms reopen and you have a better understanding of what your financial situation is going to be post-quarantine.”

Cable Packages You Don’t Need

“Cancel extra cable packages,” Dvorkin said. “I know this seems counterintuitive during isolation, but cutting costs is key until this crisis is over.”

You should take this advice especially when it comes to sports channels, which are usually charged extra since most sports events have been put on hold anyway. If watching sports was the single most important reason for you to have cable, consider dropping it altogether and using streaming services for the moment instead.

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