26 States That Do Not Tax Your Social Security Benefits

  1. Oregon

The personal income tax rates in Oregon vary between 4.75% and 9.9%. The Beaver State excludes Social Security retirement benefits from the state income tax but other retirement benefits will not be left untouched by Uncle Sam. The good news is that you can deduct around $6,250 of federal income taxes paid.


  1. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is fairly friendly when it comes to taxes that apply specifically to retirees. With a uniform personal income tax rate of 3.07%, the Keystone State doesn’t levy any taxes on Social Security benefits, which makes it a retiree-friendly destination.

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  1. Wisconsin

The personal income tax rates in Wisconsin go from 4% to 7.65%. However, the Badger States protects those receiving Social Security benefits and exempts these benefits from income taxes. Pensions, 401k and other types of retirement income are still taxable, at rates varying between 3.86% and 7.65%.

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