16 Surprising Things You Can Sell for Extra Cash in No Time

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You don’t need to find a hidden treasure to become rich. Sometimes, everything you need is in plain sight. There are objects that surround you every day which can be turned into real moneymakers, no matter how strange they may seem. Remember, every item has a buyer.

So, start looking around for these 16 surprising things you can sell for extra cash in no time!



It might sound weird, but before you rule this option out, just know that dentures can be resold for extra cash without any problem whatsoever. There’s a buyer for every item, even a strange set of chompers.

When it comes to dentures, you can sell them on eBay for at least $75. It’s true, there’s a certain public for this kind of item: people who like to collect oddities and folks who just can’t afford or aren’t willing to pay $900-$1,200 for a new munching set.

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Vintage road maps

If you’ve got an old road map hidden in one of your office drawers, it’s time to bring it out! These items are quite popular among crafters and collectors of oil and gas collectibles. The prices of vintage maps with graphics and atlases have more than doubled in recent years, not to mention maps from former companies like Conoco and Skelly.

You could get around eleven dollars for a road map from the 1950s to 1970s on Facebook Marketplace or eBay while early colored maps from the 18th century could be worth hundreds of dollars.


Ugly Christmas sweaters

If you’ve received or bought your fair share of Christmas sweaters that you will never wear in this lifetime again, there’s something you can do to cash in on all those times you had to embarrass yourself for Christmas. Sell them!

Early November and all the way through December, ugly Christmas sweaters become extremely popular online. Companies like Tipsy Elves can help you strike gold and sell your goofy holiday attire. The flashier, the better. So, find your bedazzled with sequins, ornaments, ruffles and garland Christmas-themed sweaters and put them up for sale. You can get at least 30 dollars for each tacky sweater.

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Used packing material

If you need packing material, the first place you would look is Amazon. But a large roll of bubble wrap there can cost more than $20, which is not good for anyone’s budget. So, why not take advantage of people’s need for packing supplies and sell your used ones?

Items such as bubble wrap or boxes are in high demand with people who are moving or selling products online. You could easily earn $15-$30 for large lots of these used materials.


Sea glass

Ever found sea glass while walking on the beach? If you did, you will be pleased to know it was worth picking it up and taking it home with you. Not only for the way it looks but also for the way you can cash in on it. That’s because genuine surf-tumbled sea glass is pretty rare, and jewelry-makers and craftspeople are dying to get their hands on it.

Aqua is a very popular color and will sell quite well if the quality and size are good. Red, orange and amber sea glass are also in demand and can be sold for around $150 on eBay.

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License plates

If you’ve got some old metal license plates hidden somewhere in your garage, don’t throw them out just yet! Try to sell them, first! You might be surprised by how many people will want to buy them from you.

That’s because there are many ways you can use license plates. You can decorate man caves, create modern art and build cool birdhouses. On Craigslist, you can sell your license plates for at least $30. Collectors are particularly interested and willing to pay more for vintage plates, which are in good condition and from non-contiguous states (Alaska and Hawaii).


Vintage eyeglasses

Remember that pair of wire-framed eyeglasses your great-grandmother used to wear? Well, in those times, people usually had gold-filled eyewear, so, make sure you look for the abbreviation “GF” (gold-filled) and the karat rating. Such a pair could bring you around $30-$50!

Even if you only have a vintage pair of eyeglasses from the 1950s, not a gold-filled one, you can still make $20-$40. Eyewear enthusiasts or retro fashionistas will be more than willing to take them off your hands (or should I say eyes).

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Vintage hotel keychains

If you traveled and stayed in hotels in the 1960s or 1970s, then you will surely remember the plastic diamond-shaped hotel keychains (also called key tags) from those times. They might seem tacky today but collectors are willing to pay top dollars to get their hands of key tags from popular places such as The Dunes in Las Vegas.

Keychains from less famous destinations are not as prized but they can also sell for $5 to $15 each, on e-commerce sites such as eBay or Etsy.


Antique keys

Vintage key tags are not the only items in demand. Antique keys made of iron or brass are also sought after by designers and crafters to turn them into jewelry or wind chimes. If you have such keys, you can sell them at a yard sale for $3-$5 apiece. Online, buyers will pay $10 to $15 for a single, age-patina key.

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Empty perfume bottles

Perfume bottles are little art pieces on their own. They can be used as floral centerpieces, scent diffusers, and even exquisite pieces of jewelry.

If you have any perfume bottles with stoppers or lids, you should know they sell at a premium, compared to spray tops. The ones with interesting designs, colors and exclusive brands are particularly favored. For a set of 10 to 15 bottles, buyers are willing to pay $15 to $20 on online e-commerce websites.


Discontinued products

Discontinued items can help you make quite a profit on eBay because the demand outweighs supply. Therefore, before you throw away something you don’t use, make sure you check its worth online. Beauty products can be extremely profitable. You might be surprised by how much some people are willing to pay for their favorite moisturizer or body lotion.

Also, you can be certain that when someone’s favorite snack or ice cream is no longer available in stores, they will usually pay big bucks to buy it from you.

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Old coffee cups

Do you have a stash of coffee cups? Before you begin your cleaning frenzy, check their price online. Collectors are more than eager to get their hands on old cups such as the ones made by Fire-King. Pieces made of opaque white glass that feature characters from the Peanuts comic strip are a hot commodity and can be sold for hundreds of dollars on eBay and Etsy if they are in good condition.

Buyers will also pay for $35 to $40 for Fire-King cups made of jadeite, an opaque green glass, so search your cupboard for any of these items.


Modern paper currency

An apparently ordinary dollar bill can sell for more than face value. Why? Because it might have a fancy serial number that’s tempting collectors to add it to their collection. Check your bills for:

  • Solid serial numbers: same digits (44444444)
  • Repeater serial numbers: the first half of the serial number is the same as the second half (40014001)
  • Ladder serial numbers: each digit is one number higher (or lower) than the previous digit (23456789)
  • Very low (00000110) or very high (99999979) serial numbers

For a 2006 one-dollar bill featuring a repeater serial number, you could get around $49 on Etsy.

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Rotary phones

Most likely, your children or grandchildren have never seen, much less used, a rotary phone. They are useless now, anyways. But are they really? Before you declutter and toss your rotary phone away, search the internet for its value.

Believe it or not, working phones in bold colors like orange, pink, mint green and blue are hot commodities for collectors. On eBay, for instance, someone recently sold a dark blue rotary desk phone for $180. I’d say the seller got much more than the item’s worth!


Old yearbooks

Do you have an old high school or college yearbook gathering dust somewhere in your house? Well, you can hit the jackpot if it has names or signatures of famous people. Celebrity memorabilia collectors are willing to pay big bucks for these memory capsules with vintage photos of international celebrities.

“Completist fans are what drive the collectible annual market,” explains Fernand Chagnon of F.I. Chagnon Books in Chula Vista, California, “A yearbook is something special in that not everyone can get their hands on one, making them a valuable edition for any collection.” Their prices can vary from $20 for a not-so-special yearbook to $200 for older yearbooks, such as a 1953 high school yearbook with Sandy Koufax’s senior photo which was sold for $230 on eBay.

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Typewriter keys

If you’re ready to get rid of that damaged Smith Corona, make sure you keep the keys! That’s because vintage manual typewriter keys are extremely popular among jewelry-makers, mosaic artists and scrapbookers who can repurpose them in the name of art.

For example, a seller managed to sell 55 keys from two old typewriters from the 1940s for $35 on Etsy. If your typewriter is in good condition, you can also sell it for big bucks. Usually, vintage typewriters that were produced in Europe are more valuable and collectible.

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