12 Walmart Items You Should Buy Or Skip

Skip: Tires

Shopping and having your car serviced in the same place is really appealing. Walmart provides an auto center where you can leave your car while you fill your cart to the brim with groceries and other items.

But the prices for tires at Walmart, for example, are not as low as groceries. There are other auto centers, at Costco or BJs for instance, that provide more affordable options in terms of new sets of wheels.

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1 thought on “12 Walmart Items You Should Buy Or Skip”

  1. Walmart is in my book ok, They have alot of people working for them. I will shop their, and you have a choice. I look at it this way, I’m still free in this County Until the day I die, or until God gets here, and it should be soon. God Bless.

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