12 Walmart Items You Should Buy Or Skip

Skip: Wrapping paper

Don’t judge a book by its cover! Based on the same principle, don’t judge a present by its wrapping. People are usually less interested in wrapping paper and often more interested in what’s under it.

Why spend big bucks on the paper when you can use the money to buy a really nice gift? So, keep Walmart on the list for other important deals but shop for wrapping paper and other decorative accessories at dollar stores.


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1 thought on “12 Walmart Items You Should Buy Or Skip”

  1. Walmart is in my book ok, They have alot of people working for them. I will shop their, and you have a choice. I look at it this way, I’m still free in this County Until the day I die, or until God gets here, and it should be soon. God Bless.


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