7 Worst Products to Avoid at Trader Joe’s

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1. Wraps and sandwiches

If you’re a bit hungry and you’re near the sandwiches and wraps aisle, then you should reconsider grabbing something from there. Why? Based on other customers’ experiences, these products are full of unhealthy ingredients and a lot of sodium. The wraps contain around 700 calories, and according to a recent survey, a Trader Joe’s turkey pesto sandwich contains almost the same amount of calories as a regular-sized Big Mac plus a ton of salt. Yikes!

Have you ever bought sandwiches from Trader Joe’s? Tell us in the comments what you think of them.

2. Pre-made Sushi

You might be shocked to hear that Trader Joe’s does not make its sushi in-house, in contrast to other grocery stores. Trader Joe’s pulled a few goods from their stores in 2019 owing to a potential listeria contamination, including certain ready-to-eat sushi meals and poke bowls. According to various people who bought sushi from this grocery store, the rice is too sweet and the fish is gummy and bland when it comes to spices. Even if it looks nice and tasty, don’t fall into this trap. Avoid it at all costs, and if you’re looking for an alternative, you can try seaweed salad instead of sushi.

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