Loud Noises Spark Chaos Across the U.S. After El Paso Shooting


Paranoia hits all across the U.S.

The quiet town of West Valley City, Utah, also got a big scare as a sign fell down in a shopping mall. The loud noise caused mass panic yet again as locals instantly ran for cover inside stores and other nearby hiding places. Only after taking cover did they realize it was just a false alarm.

The West Valley City Police Department quickly tweeted that ‘There is no danger. No one is hurt.’ as an effort to calm everyone down.

Clients and shoppers of a Walmart store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, also panicked on Tuesday. What started as a regular altercation made people believe there would be gunshots involved too; although one of those involved did indeed own a gun, this kind of violence wasn’t used at all.


The shootings of El Paso, Gilroy and Dayton led to 35 victims and other couple of dozens of injured citizens. Although the country faced many other such events, it seems that this series of events brought more paranoia than ever among U.S. residents. Everyone seems to be anxiously waiting for yet another massacre which, as it was unfortunately proved, could happen anytime and anywhere.

Authorities are doing their best to respond promptly to every call and calm people down as soon as possible.

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