These 9 Things Might Make You Hate Florida

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A lot of people consider moving to Florida, especially because it’s a tax-free state and if you don’t like cold weather, this might be the perfect place for you.

There is no doubt that it’s a nice place to live in, but as usual, it comes with ups and downs. And what if the downs are greater compared to the ups?

Are you ready for retirement? If the answer is yes and you have your own stable plan for moving to another place, I will tell you that Florida might not be your destination. Why? I have one thing to say: hurricanes.

Did you know that almost 21 million people are currently living in the Sunshine State? And the numbers continue to grow each year.

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30 thoughts on “These 9 Things Might Make You Hate Florida”

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    I agree completely with your comments about Florida, bugs, heat, hurricanes. We do have a condo in Florida, but spend only Jan thru early Mar there. We are considering more of Dec there. Our condo is on the Atlantic, but in the most Northerly location we could find in FL. Otherwise we much prefer Wisconsin where we worked and lived 40 years or Rocky Mountains where we grew up.

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    All these things are true and more. After retiring there 22 years ago, I am leaving. The traffic is horrible. Restaurants are packed. Medical treatment is sketchy – depending on what part of Florida you live in.

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  4. My in-laws were ‘snowbirds’ that spent their winters in a rented condo (at Villa Vista) on cocoa beach. The wife and I would visit them in winter for ten days to two weeks. Nothing quite like getting on a plane in Syracuse NY during a frigid snow storm and getting off in 80F and SUNSHINE. We spent most days on the beach and then the pool and the biggest decision was where we might go for dinner. We went to WDW about a dozen times over the years… I miss those days.

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    I lived in Florida for @ 60 years-from birth to retirement, & finally was able to leave to live in the North Carolina mountains. All the negatives listed in the article are absolutely correct & that is why I left. Never intend to return-even for a visit. The incessant heat & humidity, as well as the crowds, are miserable. Think twice before moving there.
    Maybe a long summer vacation in any part of the state would be a better choice & allow you to reconsider your plans after the experience there.

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    I still like Florida. Been there before, and yes it is humid but I had live in the tropics and worked in the Middle East. Considering some of my good friends are there, yes I am considering to move to Florida sometime.
    And Titusville is the place. . .haven’t heard of hurricane there. But thank you the input, though. worth reading!

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    Every place has its pluses and minuses. I’ve been in Florida going on 5 years and though it’s a little warmer than usual this year, I lived in Oklahoma in 1980 when it reached 100 on or around 5/31 and stayed that way for 90 days!
    I’ll take the warmer winters – better than 0 or 15 – and a lot more sunshine than most places. We love it here – so, please, by all means stay where you are!!

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    All the cons are well known to the people of Florida and …. all of them are temporary and Hurricanes
    are not a daily occurrence ! This year so far : NOTHING and the weather is FANTASTIC !
    I am a New Yorker who spend a lot of time in Florida ! Florida = a bit of Paradise !

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    After living here for 30 plus years I regret ever moving from Massachusetts! It is not the paradise it used to be. The housing market is a nightmare, people drive like maniacs and after a few hurricanes and more people moving in its becoming a dump!

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    I lived in sarasota FL for over 15 years! It was wonderful and I would move back in a New York minute. I left because my sister was dying and she was in Wisconsin. ( NOW THAT STATE BLOWS) I wasn’t able to return for financial reasons. I miss Sarasota so much i cry! This is a different world now. No one can help as the cost of living is just out of this world.
    I respect your opinion however I don’t feel as you do.
    Gators got yeh granny!! Lol
    As ever and remember ” opinions are like ass ….and everyone has one” Clint Easteood
    Be safe and stay happy

  11. Its the same way in Las Vegas. The auto dealers put sights on your hood for a better aim. Pedestrians are allowed to walk around with drinks in their hands and that includes the side walks and streets. They do however have bridges going over the main drag in Vegas .

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    Hmmmm ? Thought of moving there & be a snowbird as own in country, N.Y., neighbors far enough away for each & all to mind own business & enjoy your life. I would like to find a small place “out of the way” in FL. / I don’t like people up my #$$ and like my privacy. seems like most place-like sardines down there or underdevelopment to become the next can > of sardines // word also is folks go there to die?? If i am going to move somewhere it’s going to be where i can enjoy life, hell that’s why we were given it/ not worry about next blow over & no one up my #$$esp, some nosey one who has nothing better to do with their time then to be in my business , that would not go over well > I believe in GOOD FENCE’S MAKE GREAT NEIGHBORS!

  13. I grew up in a small suburb of Peoria, Illinois. As a young child I loved the snow. As an adult, I hated every winter I had to get out and drive in it (which is basically every day!). My folks took my brother, & I on a 2 week vacation every summer to Daytona Beach, Florida. As I aged, I knew that I would one day live in Florida so I could escape all the cold Illinois offered. That dream came true when I moved to Ormond Beach, FL in 2004. I found a job in my profession (Pharmacy Technician), met a wonderful guy who ran his own business (Mobile Computer Tech) & we married in 2006 in a beachside ceremony. I am living my dream!!
    You are probably thinking.. so you gave up snow & tornados for hurricanes? We ended up buying a home in Silver Springs, FL (Home of the famous Glass Bottom Boats!) Being in the central part of the state, we feel a bit safer than living coastal. Plus being central in the state, its only an hour & a half driveto be at either coast!

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    The state of Florida will all be under water shortly. Like in the next 5 years. But most of California and the east coast also. Inland, Colorado is nice. Galveston, Houston, and New Orleans gone.

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    Hello there!

    Thankfully, I am not FROM Florida. I am temporarily stuck IN Florida!! As you’ve pointed out much later in this well-made list: The environment in FL is pretty basic. And I don’t like it at all. I want outta here, already! The only reason I am even down here to begin with is because my Mom brought us, WAAAY back in 2003.

    Yeah, this is right…Florida is my Mom’s ALL-TIME favorite U.S. state. Sadly, it’s not mine. In fact, I fear the stress of me feeling trapped in what I call “the trops” is killing me…Slowly. Am I sunk as a boat in a hurricane if I’m not able to escape away from the trops and up North to a place with 4 seasons and less bugs?

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    Florida is not hot in the winter time, it is delightful in many parts of the state. Away from the coast, the sky is clear, and the nights are very cool. Sometimes it’s so cool, there is frost! As far south as Gainsville. And further, cold fronts often make to Miami, even the keys.

    The roads are not crowded in the summer (inland), there are more blue hairs in the winter. NOT good drivers either.

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    I am a Florida native. Yes, it is very hot. Yes, we do have terrible hurricanes. yes, we have bugs. Yes, in South Florida it is over populated. Yes, down there in Central & South Florida there are whole lot of tourist. And Yes down there it is too expensive. Global Warming is not a concern, because that is total propaganda.

    But I live in North Florida. And like California (so I am told) that really Is a beautiful place. There are vast strechs of Forest here.., and you can still see old Floria as it was before the yankees came to ruin it. You alo didn’t mention about how acros teh state tyhere are so many beautiful parks, beaches and marsh areas. We have amazing wildlife, birds that are stunning and the Florida Alligator- a predator in swamps- but still a magnificent beast. I LOVE FLORIDA. I sould not and would not live anywhere else. But you are right.. if the above factors bother you.. then Don’t move here. We don’t want more belly aching Yankees down here anyway.

  18. Born & raised in Miami 90 years ago, I spent most of my life in Florida — but I’m so glad we moved to western NC. We only miss Florida in January and February now, that’s the only time it’s truly livable there.

  19. Brought to you by The States of New York and Illinois in a feeble attempt to reign in the mass exodus of long term residents leaving to Florida. If you want residence to stay, then punish corruption and end the hyper insane policies.

  20. 3

    I moved to central Florida eighteen years ago from snowy Syracuse and have no regrets. I own my home and find it much cheaper than up north. Despite running my air conditioner continuously my energy bills are much cheaper than up north besides it does get cooler in the winter months. If anyone takes your article seriously and decides not to retire in Florida they are foolish. It is not the hellhole you describe in your article. The retirement community I live in , Stonecrest is the best place I have ever lived with the friendliest and kindest neighbors I have ever lived with. Don’t let this silly article cause you to visit Florida and enjoy it’s many pleasures. It is a very large state with lots to see.


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