7 Dangerous Mistakes You’re Making Every Time You Use Your Car

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You’re not sanitizing high-contact surfaces

We know doorknobs, handrails, keypads, and shopping carts can pose a threat to our health as they are touched by dozens of people (among whom infected carriers) on a daily basis. But what many of us don’t know or forget is that surfaces that are not touched by many people, like the ones inside our car, can also represent a risk of cross-contamination.

Therefore, even if you are alone in the car, but especially if you are sharing it with other people, “not wiping down your inside door handle, steering wheel, or other surfaces is a big mistake,” says Jenkins. According to family physician Monique May, MD, another “big mistake is failing to wipe the rearview mirror with disinfectant wipes. It’s highly likely that the mirror will be adjusted when a different driver takes the wheel, so be mindful to wipe it down.”

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You’re keeping the windows closed

It’s getting hotter and hotter outside so keeping your windows closed and turning the AC on seems like the normal thing to do. But nothing is normal in the age of the coronavirus. The virus has been found to spread very quickly through the air, in confined spaces; and nothing spells confined space more than a car! That’s why it’s important to keep it properly ventilated and encourage better airflow.

“Keep the window open even just a bit,” says Sarin. “Research indicates that even keeping the window open three inches could help to reduce the buildup of virus particles in the vehicle, which is pretty important if anyone aside from you uses the car.” For more useful information on how to stay protected in these challenging times, check out These Are the Places You’re Most Likely to Get Infected With COVID-19, According to Doctors.

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