28 Haunting Kennedy Assassination Photos You Have to See

There have been countless books, TV shows and movies made in the intervening five or so decades about this exact moment of time. The images captured on November 22, 1963, in Dealey Plaza, both tragic and iconic, would sear themselves into the American psyche.

Whether you agreed with the findings of the Warren Commission or you’re part of the 61% who still believe there was some grand conspiracy afoot, the photos presented here give us a window into a day in American history that would change the country and culture forever.

President John F. Kennedy and First Lady  Jacqueline, Texas Governor John Connally and his wife Nellie relax in the presidential  limousine as it slowly makes its way through the cheering crowds of Dealey Plaza. One last smile for the camera, oblivious to the part they’re about to play in American history.

Victor Hugo King/Library of Congress

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18 thoughts on “28 Haunting Kennedy Assassination Photos You Have to See”

    1. Kathleen O'Hara-Pitisci

      I am 101% positive that those closest to this investigation know exactly who was responsible for JFK’s death. The same political BS goes on today….all these 57 years later. When I was younger & I heard the phrase “dirty politics” I didn’t really give it much thought….now….THAT PHRASE literately makes me ill. It is so true and not much has changed since JFK was murdered.

      1. 5

        Oswald (lone wolf) killed JFK. Evidence is all there. Reclaiming History is the best book out there (1500 pages) hard facts – your library should have it.
        It’s Hard to believe that such a slime ball could kill the President, but he did under no ones direction.

        1. Oswald killed Kennedy. He alone. He wanted to be famous for something. He had defected to Russia thinking that would get him attention. When they realized he was a nobody they threw him out. Read people.

  1. 3

    Oswald did not kill JFK, the driver of the limo CIA agent William Greer fired the fatal shot. The original film proves it. The CIA and FBI conveniently removes those particular frames from the film so the public would know figure it out.

    1. 6

      Even with a silencer, driver couldn’t have done it. I saw entire video – nothing missing. Besides, Connally or wife Nellie would have seen it. Both were facing the front.

    2. I was personal friend of Bill Greer for many years. Bill had many pictures of Kennedy and family never published. Bill Bill always contended Oswald did not not kill Kennedy. Bill spent remainder of his life trying to figure it out

  2. We were getting married and went down to White Hall Street in lower Manhattan to obtain our marriage license. David and I went with his sister Bernice, to get out certificate and were married in what I called a sleazy room. David’s papers were in the mail for him to report to Army Headquarters but his papers had not arrived as yet! We were married in the chapel there and then left to bring the marriage license to Army Headquarters for him to allow him to be exempt from serving based on the 4 F? elimination due to marriage. We went into a coffee shop nearby. Suddenly, as if it were yesterday, Edward R. Murrow appeared on the television, holding his tears back and announced that at

    1. 1

      To exhume the body for what point? 1. So many people touched Kennedy that morning so do fingerprints last 56 years?
      2. With new innovations such as testing, blood tests, MRI’s, Ct Scans etc. again 56 years later how much could be addressed? 3. I assume that all that remains is the skeleton. Were X-rays taken when they brought him in? What other tests were performed? 4. Where is the Warren Report? Who has read it. When was it last read? The bottom line is “THE REPORTS AND FILMS!! Where are they? I can truly agree that at my age and with what has gone on with our government over the years, what is TRUTH? The Biggest Question is Who Did It? and Why?

  3. 2

    I was in the 11th grade when it happened. I remember the film showing one secret service man or policeman heading up toward what was called the grassy knoll because they thought the shots came from there. Oswald I think shot Kennedy but there was more than one shooter. Oswald was murdered to keep him quite and I think his killer was given cancer in prison to keep him from talking. Just my opinion on some of this but opinions are like a33holes every body’s got one.. I don’t remember what Kennedy did for someone wanting him dead but I think either Castro or the people connected to the bay of pigs invasion of Cuba Kennedy took support from at the last minute may have done it.

  4. 2

    Just saw picture 22 and I remember how Jacqueline was trying to get out of the car by crawling over the trunk not covering the President.

  5. The Demos had Kennedy killed….They Hated him just as bad as Trump…Read your History on this…I’m scared they will take Pres Trump out to…They are SATANs Ass —-

  6. Read Secret Service Agent Clint Hill’s book. Mrs Kennedy was attempting to retrieve a piece of the President’s brain from the back of the car, not attempting to get out. Hill should know. He was there.

  7. nothing about Oswald being a lone assassin makes sense, Ruby killing Oswald makes even less sense. What a better world we would have had if JFK had lived. His real killers? not the CIA or Cubans or the Mafia alone… the shadow govenment headed up by the Federal Reserve. They had the means and the motive. We should exhume Ruby’s body. Who ever heard of forcing a prisoner to get an injection for a cold? We should find out who that “doctor” was and proceed from there .

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