28 Haunting Kennedy Assassination Photos You Have to See

There have been countless books, TV shows and movies made in the intervening five or so decades about this exact moment of time. The images captured on November 22, 1963, in Dealey Plaza, both tragic and iconic, would sear themselves into the American psyche.

Whether you agreed with the findings of the Warren Commission or you’re part of the 61% who still believe there was some grand conspiracy afoot, the photos presented here give us a window into a day in American history that would change the country and culture forever.

President John F. Kennedy and First Lady  Jacqueline, Texas Governor John Connally and his wife Nellie relax in the presidential  limousine as it slowly makes its way through the cheering crowds of Dealey Plaza. One last smile for the camera, oblivious to the part they’re about to play in American history.

Victor Hugo King/Library of Congress

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131 thoughts on “28 Haunting Kennedy Assassination Photos You Have to See”

    1. Kathleen O'Hara-Pitisci

      I am 101% positive that those closest to this investigation know exactly who was responsible for JFK’s death. The same political BS goes on today….all these 57 years later. When I was younger & I heard the phrase “dirty politics” I didn’t really give it much thought….now….THAT PHRASE literately makes me ill. It is so true and not much has changed since JFK was murdered.

      1. 48

        Oswald (lone wolf) killed JFK. Evidence is all there. Reclaiming History is the best book out there (1500 pages) hard facts – your library should have it.
        It’s Hard to believe that such a slime ball could kill the President, but he did under no ones direction.

        1. 28

          Oswald killed Kennedy. He alone. He wanted to be famous for something. He had defected to Russia thinking that would get him attention. When they realized he was a nobody they threw him out. Read people.

          1. 45

            Now that the papers on JFK murder have been declassified that is not the case. He was involved with an operative from Cuba El Mexicano and a KGB agent. Also there was a Russian woman also involved. J. Edger Hoover was afraid that if all this got out. There would have been a nucliar war with Russia.

          2. 92

            For those of you who still believe it was Oswald who killed President Kennedy you were not there nor do you know anything about politics! Take your blinders off and realize that we live in a free country that is run by the rich and powerful. Dare threaten to take that away and see how free you are.

        2. 98

          And Jack Ruby was just there upset nightclub owner who decided to take out Oswald in front of all these witnesses? Wake up and smell the coffee.

        3. 103

          Oswald did not kill JFK, or the CIA or Cuba or the Soviets. The mob killed Kennedy. Bobby tried to get rid of the mafia and almost succeeded. He came very close to putting them out of business. Look into Giancana and his boys and you will find the answer.

        4. 111

          I think Oswald was a patsy/ scapegoat for the assenation. I think it was a conspiracy that involved high political officials and other vips. I have come to this opinion from the research that I have examined and read.

        5. 97

          There is not a chance, in hell, that Oswald killed JFK. You must be totally asleep, in this world. Not sure you could handle the truth. I am just sick of listening to people, that don’t even know we have been lied too, for years

          1. 30

            What reason did Oswald have to shoot and kill Officer J.D. Tippet when the house lights came on in the theatre where he (Oswald) was watching the movie “War is hell”and at that time he just so happened to have a snub nose .38 revolver on his person? Why did he run from the Texas School Book Depository Building after the shooting to that theatre where he was captured? Was he just an ordinary Friday fternoon movie goier that wanted to settle back with a box of popcorn and a soda? I don’t think so.

          2. David Finkelstein

            The House Select Committe on the assassination concluded years later that there was at least one shot from the front. Kennedy clutches his throat and then the headshot comes. I know that today we laugh at the crazy conspiracy theorists but this one was real. I’ve read many books on the assassination, including one by a doctor who was at Parkland Hospital, in which he writes how the body was doctored between Dallas and Washington in order to prove Arlen Specter’s single bullet theory. Far too many questions to not conclude that it was a conspiracy. Personally I think that Johnson was the culprit.

          3. 21

            listening to people “who” have been killed, not “that” have been killed.

            the other thing is “lied too” should be “lied to” Reminds me of the

            Bruno Mars song where he says “should have gave you all my hours”

            instead of “given.” How are kids going to learn to speak? if they have to

            listen to stuff like that, and your diatribe.

            IF you have a point to make, try to speak English correctly. And don’t try

            to re-create history, bimbo.

        6. 93

          Oswald barely made it through rifle training in the Army. That along with the fact the gun that was found was so out of aim it could’nt have hit the far side of a barn. Only military top snipers could have made that shot, that’s how difficult it would be. This was a hit, paid for by the dirtiest of government people in high places.
          Just like the Clintons dirty background and the last election fraud, it will never be brought to light.

          1. 42

            Agree that Oswald didn’t do it. Most likely the mob. But the last election? There was no fraud. Did you really fall for that manipulative Q nonsense? Burst the bubble and really see.

          2. 23

            Oswald was in the Marine Corps, not the Army. He was classfied a sharp shooter in the Corps.

          3. 11

            ok. there was a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy. I was 7 years old and I was watching TV that day. I loved President Kennedy and my parents loved it that I wanted to watch the procession in Dallas. I was absolutely distraught when I saw what happened and was brought to tears. It took my mother at least 30 minutes to calm me down. It traumatized me and I still get sick to my stomach today when I watch anything about the assassination. Yea our government was behind it this I have no doubt about! BUT ELECTION FRAUD????? give me a break!!! Trump was the worst President EVER!!! He is corrupt, a pathological LIAR, a cheater both in his marriage and in life and he can not stand to lose ANYTHING because of his narcissistic personality disorder. He has convinced a small group of people that the election WAS STOLEN from HIM. His followers are disillusioned just like he is . It really is a sad commentary to watch these TRUMPERS bellyache about the STOLEN ELECTION . PULEASE!!! GIVE it a rest that election was won fair and square. The American people woke up and spoke loudly. He will never darken the door of the Presidency ever AGAIN!! GO JOE!!!! Biden will win again if he decides to run. SO get over it TRUMPIES!!

        7. 37

          Totally disagree, Tom. The lust for ultimate power causes evil to abound in the hearts of men. Ask yourself who had the most to gain from JFK’s death. The domino reaction is there for the world to see but only if they choose to see.

        8. Donna Matsinger

          I believe Oswald was the patsy. He took the blame to have his family taken care of financially. Kennedy was killed by the mob, no doubt.

      2. 44

        That’s bullshit! Oswald never even fired a shot that day, nitrate tests prove no gunpowder residue was found on his hands! 3 men from overseas were shooters & 1 was killer shot to JFK head! Your one of the idiots who believe the Warren REport!!! WAtch Dr Wehts interview on Netflix.

      3. Everything changed when they got JFK. Part of what he was trying to stop were false flags (Tonkin Gulf, 911, etc., Communist takeover, destroyed economy, organized crime takeover, destruction of the republic.) Life was much better before they got him.

      4. I agree. He was too conservative for the DNC to handle. His VP choice was a forced marriage. He stepped out of bounds and the Board of Directors had him removed.

    2. 14

      Oswald did not kill the President. The fatal shot came from the limo. He was shot from behind. Surgery was performed at the hospital to reconstruct the back of head. It was all part of a conspiracy.I watched it all on TV.

      1. 32

        No your wrong! Dr Weht pathologist said he had bulletproof hole in his Temple entrance wound which blew back of his head & brain completely out! The killer shot was from behind the picket fence up on Grassy Knoll! Watch Dr Weht interview on Netflix. He explains it all very clearly.

      2. Laura Peterson

        You believe what you see on TV as absolute truth? So I bet you believe man landed on the moon because you saw it on tv?

      1. Kathryn Philbin Landry

        I agree. We should use whatever science has improved over the last 57 years. My son was 20 days old so I was home and watched the whole thing on tv. I never believed that Oswald did it. It was unbelievable!! And I don’t understand why his family didn’t do more to find out the truth.

      1. Victoria Corley Hayes

        The Limo has been in its permanent home since the assassinations’ at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI.

  1. 20

    Oswald did not kill JFK, the driver of the limo CIA agent William Greer fired the fatal shot. The original film proves it. The CIA and FBI conveniently removes those particular frames from the film so the public would know figure it out.

    1. 54

      Even with a silencer, driver couldn’t have done it. I saw entire video – nothing missing. Besides, Connally or wife Nellie would have seen it. Both were facing the front.

    2. 56

      I was personal friend of Bill Greer for many years. Bill had many pictures of Kennedy and family never published. Bill Bill always contended Oswald did not not kill Kennedy. Bill spent remainder of his life trying to figure it out

      1. 53

        I wish I could have talked to him. He was right. Oswald was only a “fall guy.” The three shots came from three different locations and three shooters. I had an Italian 6.5 mm, Carcano carbine. It is a piece of junk to be sure. It makes a better club than a fire-arm. The action is sloppy, the barrels were shot out and in poor condition by the time Oswald ordered his and the scope was slapped on with a B-4 side mount and not sighted in. You would have trouble trying to hit a bull in the ass at fifty feet with it. If the story is true, why was a thumb print from Malcolm Wallace, LBJs henchman and convicted murderer, found on a cardboard box on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, right next to where Oswald was suspected of shooting President Kennedy?

        1. 36

          Your dead spot on! Only person that knows what he’s talking about! 3 shooters ( Frank Sturgis was offered money to kill JFK, saw interview last night. LBJ knew it was happening that day! Grassy Knoll was the kill shot that entered his right temple and blew out the back of JFK’s head. 3 shooters that’s correct also!

    3. 13

      I believe it was the accidental firing of the secret service agents rifle who was in the trailing auto, even though it was stated no weapons were near the president. In one photo the trailing agent is seen with a rifle. I believe he accidently fired as a reflex action upon hearing the gunshot. Witnesses nearby claimed to have smelled gunpowder which could not have come from the book depository.

    4. 29

      The story of the driver with the M-16 is a smoke trail. It has not worth. If he had fired it at that range he would have gotten everyone’s attention.

    5. 4

      Yes I myself did see the driver(in a unaltered film)seem to shoot a hand gun over his shoulder during the confusion causing Kennedy’s head to move backwards the opposite direction of shoots coming from behind. Would also explain how it the back of his head that was looking like a exit wound.

      1. 13

        Bull squat!! Why were you so privileged to see it when millions of other have not. You got one of those “conspiracy theory” nut bags “unaltered” photos. Oswald shot and killed the president, alone. He was not a “fall guy” or a “patsy”, he was a former Marine with a sharpshooter rating and he worked in the building that was the snipers nest. Oswald could have done it and was the lone shooter.

  2. 4

    We were getting married and went down to White Hall Street in lower Manhattan to obtain our marriage license. David and I went with his sister Bernice, to get out certificate and were married in what I called a sleazy room. David’s papers were in the mail for him to report to Army Headquarters but his papers had not arrived as yet! We were married in the chapel there and then left to bring the marriage license to Army Headquarters for him to allow him to be exempt from serving based on the 4 F? elimination due to marriage. We went into a coffee shop nearby. Suddenly, as if it were yesterday, Edward R. Murrow appeared on the television, holding his tears back and announced that at

    1. 35

      To exhume the body for what point? 1. So many people touched Kennedy that morning so do fingerprints last 56 years?
      2. With new innovations such as testing, blood tests, MRI’s, Ct Scans etc. again 56 years later how much could be addressed? 3. I assume that all that remains is the skeleton. Were X-rays taken when they brought him in? What other tests were performed? 4. Where is the Warren Report? Who has read it. When was it last read? The bottom line is “THE REPORTS AND FILMS!! Where are they? I can truly agree that at my age and with what has gone on with our government over the years, what is TRUTH? The Biggest Question is Who Did It? and Why?

      1. 45

        I can answer your comment. The crime was fostered by three people. John Edgar Hoover, Lyndon Baines Johnson and Allen Welch Dulles. Dulles was the brains and the planner. He is the only one with the background and experience to carry it out. It was complex. Hoover was to provide forensic back-up. Johnson was to be able to squash any investigation by becoming President after the last shot. Dulles planned everything else. The shooting was a typical ambush. First shot from the front left, followed by a bad shot from the courts building to the rear, and a third shot from the front right that struck the target. End of Mission. More to come.

      2. 9

        Go to YouTube and look up “From JFK to 911 Its all a rich mans trick”. I’m not sure you will like what you see. Just saying

        1. 12

          John Wayne spoke the common words of the times. You can criticize him or a million other nameless individuals who supported that same kind of speech in this country during the war years of 1940 thru 1945. The Congress of the USA was rife with KKK members. Racist talk was everywhere along with the legality of Jim Crow. The most racist piece of government output since the trial of Christ.

          1. 1

            John Wayne tried to join the service during WWII but was refused because he had to many kids 4 to be exate

  3. 15

    I was in the 11th grade when it happened. I remember the film showing one secret service man or policeman heading up toward what was called the grassy knoll because they thought the shots came from there. Oswald I think shot Kennedy but there was more than one shooter. Oswald was murdered to keep him quite and I think his killer was given cancer in prison to keep him from talking. Just my opinion on some of this but opinions are like a33holes every body’s got one.. I don’t remember what Kennedy did for someone wanting him dead but I think either Castro or the people connected to the bay of pigs invasion of Cuba Kennedy took support from at the last minute may have done it.

  4. 16

    Just saw picture 22 and I remember how Jacqueline was trying to get out of the car by crawling over the trunk not covering the President.

    1. 29

      She was trying to get the attention of the Secret Service agent who was on the back bumper. She also picked up a piece of her husband’s skull that was lying on the trunk. She was not trying to get out of the car.

  5. 31

    The Demos had Kennedy killed….They Hated him just as bad as Trump…Read your History on this…I’m scared they will take Pres Trump out to…They are SATANs Ass —-

      1. 8

        I did not like the way Trump talked but nobody can deny that what the man did was put our country first ahead of everyone else for the first time.

  6. 48

    Read Secret Service Agent Clint Hill’s book. Mrs Kennedy was attempting to retrieve a piece of the President’s brain from the back of the car, not attempting to get out. Hill should know. He was there.

  7. 39

    nothing about Oswald being a lone assassin makes sense, Ruby killing Oswald makes even less sense. What a better world we would have had if JFK had lived. His real killers? not the CIA or Cubans or the Mafia alone… the shadow govenment headed up by the Federal Reserve. They had the means and the motive. We should exhume Ruby’s body. Who ever heard of forcing a prisoner to get an injection for a cold? We should find out who that “doctor” was and proceed from there .

    1. 33

      You are on the right trail, and asking the right questions. It was not the CIA, but it was some of their flunkies. Only Dulles had that kind of influence. In my book: City by the Bay Mysteries: Approximately Dead, I go over the assassination plot and theatrics surrounding an assassination. There are many trails leading out of Dealey Plaza, one is the mysterious death of the well known journalist, Dorothy Kilgallen, who was found dead in her New York City apartment on Nov. 8, 1965, shortly after appearing on the game show, “What’s my Line,” and shortly after interviewing Jack Ruby. She mentioned she was going to let out a story that would, “Blow the Top Off the Kennedy Investigation. At the time of her death, she was one of the most read journalists in the country. Someone had a lot to fear from her.

  8. 31

    I think Johnson did it he hated Jack and Robert Kennedy. Right there to be sworn before blood was dry on Jackies dress

    1. 30

      Johnson hated the Kennedy’s. Of that there is no doubt, but he was to drunk and stupid to put an assassination together without screwing it up. That is why Mr. Dulles, (good friend and member of the council of the 33rd along with J. Edgar Hoover and Johnson) planned the plot for many good reasons. Johnson owed a lot to political support and also he was facing a federal indictment for his collusion in numerous crimes. By replacing Kennedy, he could prevent himself from being indicted, but only because he had the “goods” on a lot of other people. Hoover would provide back-up support, but only if it didn’t jeopardize his precious FBI. Dulles had it in for the Kennedy’s ever since Joe Kennedy was appointed to Ambassador to the Court of St. James(England). As a Presbyterian he could not fathom an Irish Catholic in that position. There is a lot more than space allows.

    2. 14

      I read that the first thing Jackie Kennedy said once the police and SS got her out of the car was… Lyndon Johnson did this to my husband.
      I wonder if she was right….

  9. 16

    I still have the TV Guide with photos and news reports on the day JF Kennedy was shot. I was working at Western Electric when we were all pulled off the line and given the news of Kennedy’s death. There were a lot of different ideals going around about his death and I don’t believe we will ever know the real reason behind it. JF Kennedy was the first president I was old enough to vote for and I believe he could have made a lot of difference but such is life here today gone tomorrow. Even though he was a good president while here he wasn’t a very faith full husband which was the case in most of the Kennedy’ men.

    1. 3

      There were two and only 2 other women during time he was president Both well known names. Their visits were usually on a Thursday and not on same Thursday except for one instance and brother Robert was called to get one to quietly leave. Supposedly neither knew about the other. Even though frowned up, ha and Jackie’s marriage relation was not normal to what we usually consider normal marriage.

  10. 14

    I was watching the parade when it happened. Oswald did not kill JFK> CIA agent did. Plus they restructured his head in hospital. Those records seem to have disappeared also. Oswald was a set up patsy.

  11. 15

    I was thirteen when JFK was assassinated. I always believe it was a conspiracy. I waited those fifty years for the Warren Commission to tell the whole story. Warren Commission decision for some reason decided not to tell the real truth behind JFK assassin. American needs the truth not more cover up.

    1. 6

      Nah, it was from an alien spacecraft about 3 miles hovering over Dealy Plaza waiting for the perfect shot. They knew that Kennedy was about to blow the truth on Roswell and tell of the aliens who crashed there in ’47. They took him out.
      Don’t laugh!!! That’s not as unbelievable than your “gunman in the sewer line” fantasy.

  12. 13

    The true story had nothing to do with Mr. Oswald. He was set up to take the fall. If you go back and study some of the information and try to separate it from the general BS that flew around the Dealy Plaza at the time plus a few days, you would see that something other than the cover story actually happened. No one has been able to discover the source and purpose of the first shot. The one that over flew the car and hit the far curb. The one that the city of Dallas replaced the next day. Or the copy of Life magazine from from February 21, 1964 that was recalled off the newsstands and picked up from the subscribers and replaced with a re-edited version. The reason was the photo of the neck tie in the original copy indicated that the shot came from the front and then went thru Kennedy’s throat and exited the back, thus making the hole in the back of the seat behind where Kennedy was sitting.

    1. Do you have a book on all of this? If so, what is the name of the book? I have always wondered about all of this. I need to read some legitimate and correct information from someone who knows what they are talking about. Did Jackie know anything of how this actually happened? Could she say, with out a doubt, how the shots
      were fired? Why is it, that after all this time, it has not been figured out and given to the people?
      Thank you.

  13. 15

    I don’t believe Oswald was enough of a marksman/sniper to get off three tight shots at a moving target. I believe he was part of the plan, and as he said he was a patsy. He was set up. My first guess is the mob (Mafia). Bobby was trying to bring them down and JFK and Bobby and Peter Lawford got too close to Marilyn Monroe and a mob boss’s girlfriend. Then CIA and Cubans. Everyone has an opinion.

    1. 14

      Trying to separate out the pertinent facts is like trying to separate fly shit from pepper. Marilyn got too mouthy and that’s why she was killed.

  14. 17

    I watched the zapruder film johnny carson had a
    guest that showed it it was a common 8 mill film and it showed the bullet coming from the front and hitting kennedy carson was pissed to have that on the show but you could clearly see the shot from the grassy knoll and the way the brains splattered backward any hunter could tell you it was a frontal shot

  15. 7

    Now that the papers on JFK murder have been declassified that is not the case. He was involved with an operative from Cuba El Mexicano and a KGB agent. Also there was a Russian woman also involved. J. Edger Hoover was afraid that if all this got out. There would have been a nucliar war with Russia.

  16. 3

    Lansky’s value to organized crime was that he had the pictures of Hoover having sex with men. Thus Hoover had to do what the mob said. That connection is key to Kennedys murder in my opinion.

  17. 2

    Lansky’s value to organized crime was that he had the pictures of Hoover having sex with men, thus Hoover had to do what the mob wanted. That connection is the key to Kennedys murder.

  18. William D Allen

    We will never know the truth. Secret service agents rushed the Presidents body out of Dallas Hospital before autopsies could be performed. Too many lose ends and too many coincidences for one to believe otherwise. Here it is over 50 years later and we know no more than we did back then.

  19. 3

    The conspiracy in JFK’s murder involved a well known mob boss, a high power scope and shooter behind the fence to the right front of the motorcade, sanctioned and paid for by Cubans, and of course an assassin (other than Oswald who was set up for the shooting and who was supposed to be killed by police in The School Book Depository) The rifle was put next to the window and fired previously by the mob. I know the location of the spent casing fired from the Grassy Knoll and left in front of the fence where the shooter couldn’t retrieve it. That casing would match the round that hit Kennedy front the right front, proving that no one fired from the School Book Bldg. The right rear shooter that hit Kennedy was fired from behind the motorcade a block away.

  20. Michael D. Long

    All the comments I’ve read, and no one mentioned photo #11, which was taken from the front of the motorcade. You can tell it’s after the first or second shot because Kennedy is clutching his throat. In the background is the school book building, where they say Oswald fired from the sixth floor. Check out the guy standing in the doorway at ground level. Looks like Oswald to me.


    The car was cleaned up and put back into service. It was used by both Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon before being given to the Henry Ford Museum.

    1. I also wondered why they would destroy real evidence that could’ve shed some light as to the bullet trajectory directory.
      Also, there were eyewitness account of a bullet hole in the limos windshield, near the rear view mirror which either the secret service or another govt agency ordered that it be destroyed, WHY?
      More questions than answers

  22. 8

    Most likely JFK’s idea of moving the U.S. banking system out of the Federal Reserve Banking System and giving the power to print money back to Senate may have had something to do with his demise.

  23. I was 13 and in gym class and this day, those of us, alive at the time will always remember where we were when it happened. Camelot, our Camelot destroyed by one man’s hatred. As sad as these photos are to see, it is most important to never forget. Thank you for taking us back to an historical event as important as this one.

  24. G. Julian Walker

    Investigation of angles proved that there were angles that the 6st floor rifle could not possibly hit the president on the 2nd and 3rd shot. Thus, refuting the Warren Report that advertised this lie: Oswald alone killed the president !

  25. I went through the whole set of 28 offered pictures and only saw about 3 that even came close to haunting about the Kennedy assentation. How can A picture of a bullet, the front of a car, people laying on the ground looking at something, and someone holding up what looks like a WW2 rifle, be haunting? After 50+ years you would think that the truth about this event in history could be covered up completely, and yet bit and pieces of the truth keep poping up causing someone to put out this generic misinformation. I am to the point where I believe almost nothing I am told ( the official version) of what happened and only a very little of what I see conveyed about an event like this, especially through the much edited TV information.

  26. The DNA would prove that Kennedy is not buried in Arlington Cemetery. It is Dallas police officer J D Tippet. Tippet was a body double of JFK. Because there were multiple shooters, making it a conspiracy, they switched bodies so that when Tippet arrived at Bethesda Naval Hospital for the autopsy the doctors didn’t find a large head wound or multiple wounds from different directions. Plus, within minutes after the shooting, how did they believe that Oswald did it??

  27. I was in a civics class when President Kennedy was elected. I was in my senior English class when the announcement was made of his assassination. I was young but I believed President Kennedy could and would have created changes for the USA that we really needed and would be continued for years. I don’t believe that the actual events were some of the things that have been put in books and documentaries. I do believe there is more to it that our government knew/knows. Wonder when/if it will ever come out!!!

    1. I am from Texas. I know LBJs reputation. Am I the only one who noticed the “wink” he gave on the airplane to a man standing near the back? I do not know who that man was, but it sure looked like a “we pulled it off” wink to me. I have always wondered why that wink was not ever mentioned…as right in front of Jackie, a grieving widow! Cold and heartless!

  28. These pictures brought back so many memories. My first son was born on the day of President Kennedy’s funeral. I had a hard time getting ready to go to the hospital, because I was watching the funeral. It was an astonishing sad time for America.

  29. The BBC did a unique experiment on the killing, they had a British Royal Marine who was considered the best shot in the British Marines they took you into his house and showed you all the awards that he earned covering the walls of his home. Then they gave him the same type of rifle that Oswald had and gave him plenty of ammo and 30 days to get used to that type of rifle. They put him in the same position that Oswald would have used, shooting at dummies in a moving car, he couldn’t do it!!!!. One of the best marksman in the world couldn’t do it!!! And by the way Oswald admitted that he admired Kennedy for his civil rights position

    1. Go to the Dallas school book depository. It’s now a museum. Stand at the same window that Oswald did. Watch the traffic below you. Imagine the cars passing by at at 5 mph. I did and the cars looked close enough to hit with a tossed stone, never mind a rifle.

  30. A significant book to read: “Case Closed,” by Gerald Posner. A comprehensive and very well-documented book on the assassination of JFK which in my estimation “closes the case” that Oswald was the lone gunman.

  31. You completely left out the frames where the presidents head snaps back !!!
    Obviously from a bullet striking him in the forehead area being fired from the area of the grassy knoll.
    The Zapruder film clearly shows this being the fatal bullet.

  32. Ive seen the pic of the guy dressed as a cop on the grassy knoll holding a rifle pointed at the motorcade with a MUZZLE FLASH and even a citizen standing near bye that witnessed it. Look at the people that benefitted from this for the real conspiritors/killers. Look for someone that didnt want blood on their hands(coward with power).

  33. Read that James Files shot Kennedy in the side of the head. He bit on a expended cartridge and put it on the ledge by the grassy knoll where he fired the weapon a fireball. A boy found that. That is the shot that blew Kennedy’s head up. Saw the documentary with Files giving the story. There are people that find this accurate. Also, the windshield was removed and replaced. The bullet ridden windshield turned up at a warehouse, do not remember where. The manager at that warehouse showed up and apparently one of the workers opened the door. The manager saw the bullet ridden windshield. Wonder if this will come out, at least to see if it is accurate? Seems the commission had been hiding a lot of this.

  34. Even as a kid I knew Oswald was killed to silence him. I never believed the reason Ruby gave for killing Oswald. The truth won’t come out for many more years, and everyone connected to the assignation is gone.


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