15 Private Things Your Neighbors Definitely Know About You


That you’re a hoarder

If your garage is overflowing with stuff, or worse, if you have no space inside your house because of all of the things you’ve collected over the years, your neighbors will know what you are: a hoarder. According to Lorne Caplan, who helps compulsive hoarders deal with their problem, some people not only fill their house and garage with all kinds of unnecessary things but extend their storage space to vans parked in their driveway.

Another sign that will “clue in” your neighbors that you’re a hoarder is the junk scattered all over the yard. Oh, and let’s not forget about the pest problems!


That you’re a nosy neighbor

It takes one to know one. If you’re a nosy and intrusive neighbor, this little piece of information will quickly reach the ears (and eyes) of other people just like you. One person on Reddit spoke about a very funny and awkward situation you might also find yourself in at one point: “I caught my neighbor looking through binoculars at me while I was looking through my binoculars at him. We don’t bring that up in conversation.” What do you think of that?

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