15 Private Things Your Neighbors Definitely Know About You


That there’s been a death in the family

A bunch of cars parked near your house could indicate that you’re having some sort of party or celebration (your birthday, for instance). But funeral visitors are nothing like party guests. So, when various cars and people dressed somberly show up for several days, your neighbors may assume there’s been a death in your family.


That there’s a new member in the family

If your front door is hidden behind pink or blue balloons or banners saying “Congratulations! It’s a Girl!” (or boy), or if you’re suddenly seen installing a new car seat, it’s pretty clear you’re preparing or that you’ve already welcomed a new member in the family.  If you live in a block of flats, you can be sure they’ll hear the baby crying through the thin walls.

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That you’re having infestation problems

If you have a critter situation, you don’t need to feel embarrassed. It can happen to anyone. In fact, it might happen in several homes in the neighborhood at the same time. Either way, no matter how much you’ll try to hide it, the fact that the exterminator’s car was parked outside your house for several days, they’ll know you’re dealing with some creepy crawlies. The best thing you can do, instead of hiding, is to let your neighbors know you have an infestation problem so that they can take all the preventive measures. Critters can be quite neighborly! You wouldn’t want to be the reason for the infestation of the entire neighborhood, would you?

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