15 Private Things Your Neighbors Definitely Know About You


That you’re having financial problems in general

If your house has been in dire need of repairs for a long time but you do nothing about it or if you suddenly start selling your expensive items like your sofa or your TV, your neighbors might realize that you are going through hard times, financially speaking. If money is indeed an issue, there might be nothing for you to do about it for the moment;  you can only hope that your neighbors will not rub salt into the wound by being nosy and meddlesome.

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What you like to watch on TV

What you like to watch on TV is no secret to your cable provider but it’s also not a mystery to your neighbors. To keep your TV preferences private from your provider and turn off snooping features, all you have to do is turn off data collection in your TV settings.

When it comes to preventing your neighbors from knowing what you watch on TV, you might need to make a few home design adjustments like window curtains and blinds or window treatments for enhancing privacy. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch Finding Nemo without worrying that your neighbors might think you’re childish and immature?


That your pet is mischievous

Whether your dog won’t stop barking, you’re always chasing after your cat all over the neighborhood or you’re constantly scolding them, your neighbors will surely be up to date with all your pet’s shenanigans. Even if they don’t say it in your face, some of them might not like to hear or see your pet on a daily basis. A tall fence might solve the visual part; as for the possible, noise, that’s for you to turn the “volume” down a little bit.

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