15 Private Things Your Neighbors Definitely Know About You


That you’ve recently received a windfall of money

Whether you’ve recently received a promotion, an inheritance or struck gold, your new financial status will not go unnoticed by your neighbors. Even if you don’t have a lot more money to move to a bigger home, you won’t be able to hide the new car in the driveway, the new pool or even the visible upgrade in your wardrobe.


That you lost your job

A promotion is the only thing your neighbors will know about you. If you’re spending more time at home than you used to, it might be a subtle clue for your next-door neighbors that you’ve lost your job. While you just want to keep a low profile and focus on searching for a new job, they might be pestering you with questions every time you meet. But look on the bright side! The fact that they know you need a job might actually be a good thing; they could tell you about some interesting job opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have found out about.

If you’ve been laid off, maybe it’s time to make a career switch so check out these 17 Recession-Proof Jobs That Can Survive Any Economic Crisis.

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