10 Things You’ll Never Bring Inside Your Home Again After the Pandemic Is Over

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We’ve gotten used to the idea that there’s a virus out there and many aspects of our lives will not be the same, at least for a while. We’ve got the masks to protect us in indoor venues, in crowded places where social distancing is not an option, we’ve got strict hygiene rules in restaurants and supermarkets, but what about our homes?

Even after the coronavirus pandemic subsides, we might still need to be wary of certain things we allow into our homes. According to health experts, here are 10 things you’ll never bring in your home after the coronavirus pandemic is over.


Used toys

Remember that old teddy bear you got from your friends to cheer up your children or grandchildren? What about that secondhand puzzle from your neighbor’s yard sale? You thought nothing of it when you got them back then, but now, in the times of the coronavirus, you might want to give up such habits and keep used items out of your home.

“The coronavirus pandemic has taught us that kids are especially likely to be carriers of certain diseases and illnesses that can harm adults. So, avoiding buying secondhand toys is a good call, as it’s unclear where those toys have been before, and they can later easily wind up in your child’s mouth,” says health and wellness expert Linda Morgan.

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8 thoughts on “10 Things You’ll Never Bring Inside Your Home Again After the Pandemic Is Over”

  1. i get it….used clothes. However, some of this is overkill. Gift baskets and greeting cards? Please. this is why folks are paranoid and walking in fear. Wash your hands regularly and sanitize/disinfect your belongings. That will take care of things.

  2. Does all this make no difference if we are vaccinated for the virus? Can we then do everything we used to do without fear of getting sick?

  3. Not like the virus can live so long on something that you can’t just set it aside somewhere and then tend to it in a few hours or days. There is still so much in terms of supplies that we will need take in our homes for our mere survival. Just deal with it all appropriately and wash your hands!

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