An amazing new crop of getaway vehicles can be collapsed, origami-style, for easy transport. You just have to know when to fold ’em…


Made from a single sheet of pre-creased, corrugated polypropylene, the 12-footlong, 25-inch-wide Oru Bay+ kayak breaks down into a 13-kilo, portfolio-style case that’s small enough to sling over a shoulder, stow behind a couch, or check on a plane.

The single-passenger vessel takes about 20 minutes to assemble and is as nimble on the water as its more unwieldy, non-collapsible counterparts. And despite its take-anywhere design, the Bay+ is equipped with an adjustable bucket seat, strapdown deck rigging, and waterproof deck hatch, making it suitable for even the most intrepid multiday tours.


First class feeling a bit too cramped? Then pilot the Icon A5, an amphibious light aircraft that can be hitched to a car and take off from just about anywhere.

Articulating wings fold flat to make the carbon fibre personal plane simple to store or schlep, and it requires only a sport-pilot licence to operate. The A5’s 100-hp engine is good for 560 kmph per tank and runs on regular unleaded; it can set down on both land and water, and its interior has a simple-to-decipher instrument cluster and controls.

Originally conceived in 2006, the A5 is slated to start shipping to customers later this month. That should be enough time to clear out the garage.


Able to transform from an easy-to-carry, 18.9-by-31.5-inch package into a lithe commute conqueror in less than 10 seconds, the 27-speed Tern Verge S27h is crammed with a suite of seldom-seen, ride-enhancing extras, such as a high efficiency dynamo hub that transfers pedal strokes into device-charging energy and a bike seat that doubles as a tyre pump.

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