Multiplicity – Melbourne, Australia


Multiplicity – Melbourne – Australia

Very much in the ‘what-if?’ category, the Multiplicity from Melbourne’s John Wardle Architects came about as part of a project (‘Now And When: Australian Urbanism’) to imagine what our capital cities would look like in 100 years.

The result conceives a future where all ground space is taken, so another level is built on top of the business district. The city-topping platform would be suspended on pylons between buildings, with the surface mostly a fresh level of greenery, providing an oasis from the city below, and large parts put aside for food production to make the city semi-sustainable.

Buildings would interact with or simply break through the new top layer (just imagine the estate agent pitch for ‘sun-view’ flats, and the price to match), while transparent peaks and troughs in the surface would filter sunlight through to the (mole) people below.

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