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Lilypad Oceans

Most urban designs of the cities of the future make a natural assumption – that, by and large, the geography of the world will remain the same. But, with one eye towards global warming – and the populations that could be displaced by rising water levels – the Lilypad concept by Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut is for a series of floating cities built for future climate-change refugees.

Designed to hold around 50 000 people, each floating city would be fully self-sustainable, using not just solar and wind technology, as many land buildings of the future would do, but also tidal and biomass energies.

Each Lilypad would provide a complete environment, and contain parks, rocky ridges and artificial lagoons, with some accommodation and work areas under the water level (just don’t open the windows). While each floating city can be moored off the coast of land, they could also float freely, travelling gently via the ocean currents to wherever the Gulf Stream takes it.

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